Organizations that we ADMIRE because of their commitment to helping those who serve

Jaeger Foundation

The Jaeger Foundation provides funding, resources, and education for veterans and first responders to receive a service dog with as little red tape as possible.

We are a dedicated team of Veterans and Civilians alike with a passion for helping our veteran and First Responder community!

We strive to equip veterans and First Responders in need and empower them to endure day to day life through the help of service K9’s.

Our goal is to get service dogs in the hands of veterans and first responders with as little red tape as possible!

links to freedom

The Links to Freedom Golf Foundation (L2F) was formed to implement Wounded Warrior and Disabled Veteran (WW&DV) rehabilitative golf programs at military and civilian golf facilities nationwide to help aid in that struggle. 

Because of its close proximity to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Golf Club’s Head Professional, Steve Greiner, saw the need for a rehabilitative golf program up close.  In 2008, he established the Fort Belvoir Wounded Warrior Golf Program. In the years since, an operating model has been developed that is compatible with many military installations’ existing golf programs. Using this model, military golf facilities can increase the number of Wounded Warriors, disabled veterans and their families participating in golf activities, and provide benefit from the program’s rehabilitative effects.

DownRange Excursions Logo

DownRange Excursions

DownRange Excursions provides tangible and healthy, therapeutic alternative options for our nation’s veterans and service members who struggle with combat PTSD, substance abuse, over medication, and other service related issues.


By providing DownRange Excursions such as paddling, hiking, camping, and rock climbing, veterans and service members are given a new outlook on life and introduced to healthy alternative coping methods. These methods drastically improve their mental well-being, giving them the ability to move forward in civilian life with a new drive and perspective that they may have been missing.

92 FOR 22

The goal of 92 For 22 is to grow our organization to reach more veterans and continue to raise awareness that the average number of veterans that commit suicide each day is 22. By bringing awareness to the community about the struggles that veterans have, we hope to keep this subject top of mind.

Additionally, the organization supports Veterans and their families with financial & emotional struggles as it pertains to the above stated issues.

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