Military Stories To Share

These are stories shared by our readers about their military experiences; places that they have been stationed, people they have met and situations that have happened to them or their families.

It’s A Small World

Everyone knows the expression “It’s a small World”. I think a lot of people involved with the U.S. Armed Forces can attest to this maybe even more than others.  While our family was stationed at San Vito Airforce Base in San Vito, Italy, my husband played 2nd Base on San Vito’s Base Softball team.  They …

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First Deployment

I was only married for 3 months when my husband deployed.  Many of the other wives had told me that when your husband deploys it seems like everything goes wrong and things will break. I took it as alright things happen but really what are the chances of it happening every time a spouse deploys? …

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This story is about my brother-in-law and what he did to earn that title. We were just 13 years old and he liked my twin sister. He would ride his bicycle four miles without a seat on it just to come to our house to see her. But that wasn’t enough for my father. He …

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