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Naval Air Station Whiting Field 

One of the Navy’s two primary pilot training bases
Home to Training Air Wing Five (TRAWING 5)
7550 USS Essex St, Milton, FL 32570

Although it is run by the United States Navy, Naval Air Station Whiting Field is known among multiple armed forces of the United States of America for providing training sessions. The Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard also benefit from the facilities and the training courses on site. The installation was established in Santa Rosa County, in the immediate proximity of Milton, Florida. There are just two training bases for professional pilots the United States Navy can rely on and this is one of them. The other one is located in Texas – Corpus Christi. Aside from the American armed forces training on site, the base is open to international students and pilots coming from the allied countries too.


NAS Whiting Field is a training site. Therefore, its primary objective is to create some of the finest pilots in the country. Its mission supports all the armed forces relying on it. The facilities on site are also among the objectives, since people always do a better job when they are treated accordingly. In an attempt to make the deployed troops feel like home, the officials provide some of the finest and most advanced facilities. The same rule applies for their families and other civilian workers or contractors.


NAS Whiting Field was a wide field of grass and weeds before 1943, when the base was commissioned. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on July, 16-th. There were 1,500 individuals attending the ceremony. One of them was the widow of Kenneth Whiting, for whom this facility was called. These days, it is the backbone of most programs held by the United States Navy. Meanwhile, the activities on site varied from one “age” to another.


Since it was established during World War II, it played a forced role throughout the war. Its most important objective was to hold the prisoners of war. Most of them were German. A few years later, it became the home of the popular Blue Angels. The Blue Angels come as a team of professional pilots performing air shows every once in a while, in different parts of the country. Another significant success was the deployment of the first jet training group in the US Navy. The Navy picked NAS Whiting Field for its advanced facilities and operations.

Arriving at Whiting Field 
If checking in during normal working hours (Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 4 pm) report to the Administrative Department in Building 1401, 2nd floor, room 207. If checking in any other time report to the Bachelor Quarters in Building 2957.
If you have any questions or require assistance, you are encouraged to contact our Fleet & Family Support Center at DSN 312- 868-7177 or 850-623-7177. After hours, inquiries may be made to the NAS Whiting Field’s “After Hours Automated Answering System” at DSN 312-868-7762/7770 or 850-623-7762/7770.

Base Population

Whiting Field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the world, responsible for an estimated 46 percent of the Chief of Naval Air Training Command’s total flight time and more than 11 percent of Navy and Marine Corps total flight time. Greater than 1,200 service personnel complete their essential flight training here yearly.