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Surface Combat Systems Center Wallops   

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30 Battle Group Way, Wallops Island, VA 23337

Surface Combat Systems Center Wallpos Island is located on the island with the same name, in Accomack County, on the eastern shores of Virginia. It is an advanced military installation owned by the United States Navy. The center works in a tight collaboration with the flight center of NASA, which is located in the immediate proximity. In fact, it often uses the place for various operations. The place is commanded by John J. Keegan. The installation is not among the largest ones in the country, regardless of its essential objectives. It is operated by not more than 300 individuals, counting both military personnel and civilian employees. There are a few contractors hosted on site too. They are mostly civilian experts and engineers who help the base fulfill its missions. It is named after John Wallop, the original owner of the island back in the 17-th century.


SCSC Wallops Island represents the future of the United States Navy. Its mission is to develop new and advanced techniques to be later used by the Navy experts. At the same time, the base is responsible for testing the effectiveness of these new techniques and equipments, not to mention about the basic training sessions. In order to fulfill its mission, the base hosts professional and certified personnel only. Each of those experts can brag with at least one degree. Even the contractors used to help them come from professional and accredited fields.


During its early years as a military station, the island was owned by the Coast Guard. The United States Navy took it over in 1941 and turned it into what it is today. In 1958, NASA joined this site as well, after absorbing NACA. This is how the two institutions got to work together. The results coming from NASA’s tests and research operations are also used by the experts at SCSC Wallops Island. This tight collaboration has seriously contributed at the success rate of both these institutions. Over the years, 19 different satellites have been launched from this base and 16 of them were actually kept in space. During the ’80s, after being mostly run by the NASA, the island got a small place for the returning US Navy as well, with more personnel and equipments.

Arriving at Wallops

Personnel reporting aboard SCSC Wallops Island during normal working hours (Mon-Fri, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm) should first report to Bldg R-30, Administrative Office, to officially report for duty, turn in orders and records, file necessary travel claims, and to pick up a check-in sheet.


Personnel reporting after hours, weekends, and holidays should report to the SCSC Command Duty Officer (CDO), 757-894-0769 located in building R-30, to have their orders endorsed. Personnel should then report to Admin Officer the following working day at 7:30 am to begin check-in processing.


SCSC Personnel Arriving After Duty Hours


Unaccompanied — Arriving after normal working hours, call the Command Duty Officer, 894-0769 who will endorse the service member’s orders. The next stop would be the NGIS/BQ where the service member will be assigned quarters. The service member will then be required to report to the Administrative Office the next working day.


The Administrative Office is located in Bldg. R-30. Hours of operation are 0800-1600, Monday through Friday. During the check-in process, the service member will be scheduled for a courtesy call with the CO and the XO. You will also be processed for the appropriate security clearance and be given a base check-in sheet.


Accompanied — If the service member is accompanied, the first stop is the Command Duty Officer or the Military Personnel Office to have the member’s orders endorsed. If permanent quarters have not been acquired prior to checkin, temporary quarters need to be obtained. Service members on PCS orders can request temporary lodging from the NGIS/BQ Billeting Office. If there are no reservations available at the NGIS/BQ, temporary lodging is available off base. The next day the service member needs to report to the SCSC Administrative Office.

Base Population

SCSC, Wallops Island has 90 military and 58 civilian employees and more than 250 contractors.