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Naval Hospital Pensacola 

Hospital in NAS Pensacola 
6000 US-98, Pensacola, FL 32512

Naval Hospital Pensacola is one of the oldest medical facilities in the United States of America, with over 175 years of continuous history. The hospital is almost as old as the state it is located in – Florida. These days, the facility is one of the most modern military installations and one of the traditional ones with the highest reputation. The hospital history and beginnings are highly connected with the president of those times – John Quincy Adams. He is responsible for assigning a professional to find a good spot for a clinic, as well as setting up the first surgeon on site.


The primary mission of Naval Hospital Pensacola is to support the nearby settlement Pensacola Air Station. The hospital is open to both the civilian families, contractors or workers and military personnel. At the same time, it also supports all the reserve or retired troops living in the area. The hospital has the capacity to deal with more than 100 patients at the same time, plus a few extra facilities out of it.
Naval Hospital Pensacola mostly concentrates on general medicine, but it can support an impressive array of operations and fields, including surgical operations too.


The funds for the hospital were authorized in 1811. However, the actual money were given out in 1834 due to constant delays and a bureaucratic system. The construction began at the initiative of a Navy doctor, who rented a house with two floors. He used to pay $30 on a monthly basis. He established his little office in it. The costs of the actual construction raised to $12,000. It was not such a huge amount of money. The facility was located in the immediate proximity of a Navy military base. Since it was not inside the base boundaries, the authorities raised a new brick wall to protect the patients. Back then, the malaria and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes were very popular. Most experts believed these species could not fly higher than 2.5 meters, therefore the size of the wall was a little over that value.

Arriving at Pensacola Hospital 
NAS Pensacola is home to five general hospitals, numerous medical treatment centers, and specialized clinics staffed with excellent physicians using the most modern medical technology. There are also nursing care centers for the elderly or patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other disorders requiring 24-hour attention. Facilities aboard NAS Pensacola include:

Fleet Naval Hospital Pensacola 850-505-6472
Branch Health Clinic 850-452-8970
Branch Dental Clinic 850-452-8970 ext.106/107


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Filling prescriptions while traveling
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With permanent change of station orders, ask for a copy of your medical and dental records from your military treatment facility, or MTF, records section and the dental treatment facility, or DTF. Do this at least one month before your permanent change of station date. The MTF should also transfer a copy of your record and any family records to your new duty station or you may be able to hand carry them to your new duty station.


If you want someone else to be able to get medical or dental information on you or your family while you are moving, you need to complete a DD Form 2870, “Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information.”


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Base Population

There are about 2,000 medical specialists employed on site, not to mention about the few hundred volunteers who join in to help and learn.