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Naval Support Facility Panama City 

Navy base, Houses Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) and the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU)
308 Vernon Ave, Panama City, FL 32407

Located in the immediate proximity of Bay County, Naval Support Activity Panama City was established close to Panama City, in the northwestern part of Florida. The facility is operated by the United States Navy, under the command of Jessica M. Pfefferkorn. The installation spreads over almost 2.7 square kilometers, without counting the waterways it has control over. The control over the water was achieved in order to establish a fast and effective connection with the Gulf of Mexico. There are more than 220 buildings on site, resulting in a very complete facility with plenty of centers and services.


While based on the honor and principles of the United States Navy, NSA Panama City guides its actions and fulfills its mission and objectives with hard work, dedication, communication, professional leadership and continuous improvements. The primary objective of the installation is to ensure the readiness of the warfighters hosted on site. Basically, the base aims to support the United States Navy and the Department of Defense in all of their operations. The units and tenants on site come as some of the main priorities too.


There are not too many tenants hosted at NSA Panama City. There are a few major ones and dozens of small, insignificant and temporary units. Some of the most important names count the training center for Diving Salvage, the center for Surface Warfare, the unit for Experimental Diving or the Coastal Operations Institute.
Some of the units also deal with research operations regarding a wide variety of fields to be later implemented into the United States Navy equipments and techniques.


NSA Panama City was founded when a mine division from Solomons, Maryland was relocated on site and founded a new facility. The history dates back to the summer of 1945. The purpose and objectives of the base were not really clear for everyone. In an attempt to define the idea of the facility as good as possible, the officials renamed it two more times in 1955 and 1972. Its final name was given in 2007.
Although it skipped both world wars of the 20-th century, it doesn’t mean the facility played any major roles in the upcoming ones. In fact, its importance was not fully understood by everyone. Besides, its objectives are still not clear. It is a general installation dealing with a little of everything.


Arriving at Panama City 
New arrivals are assigned a sponsor to provide assistance with the PCS move; however, NDSTC students are not normally assigned sponsors. If you are making a PCS relocation and have not been assigned a sponsor, call your gaining command. Sponsors provide members with complete inprocessing information.

On the first working day after arrival or if arrival date is a work day, service members will report to their Unit Administrative Office.

NSA Panama City Reporting Procedures
Building 308 (Admin Office, 850-234-4523/DSN 312-436-4523). This office will provide Newcomer Orientation and Indoctrination Information and any further instructions.
Service Members must bring with them: PCS orders, Personnel Records, Pay Records, Dental and Medical files.
Uniform Requirements for Inprocessing: Members must report wearing either summer dress whites or dress blue.
Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) Student Reporting Procedures
Students arriving between the hours of 5:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. seven days a week, report to NDSTC (Bldg 350). Upon the first work day report to the NDSTC Quarterdeck. Students shall report in the proper uniform of the day.
If you are reporting prior to the convening date of your course, report to the Student Control Office at NDSTC to begin your check-in procedure. If you are reporting on the convening date of your course, report to the NDSTC Quarterdeck to find out where your class is located and inform your Proctor that you need to check-in at Student Control.

Base Population

There are close to 3,000 employees working on site, counting both the military personnel and the civilian contractors and workers.