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North Island Naval Complex 

Homeport of two aircrafters, 23 fixed- and rotary-wing squadrons.
80 tenant commands and activities
San Diego, CA 92135


North Island Naval Complex is among the largest and most significant military facilities the United States Navy controls and owns. The place was established in San Diego Bay, on the northern part of Coronado peninsula. It is one of the multitude of military bases operated by the US Navy in California. The base is commanded by Captain Yancy B. Lindsey and hosts a few powerful aircraft carriers. Along with a few other bases, this complex forms the largest and most important aerospace industrial formation in the United States Navy.


North Island Naval Complex was the main and most prolific inland base supporting the operations in the Pacific Theater. The base sent over a lot of aircraft carriers. They were highly connected with a lot of other troops that were deployed at the same time, whether you count the Marines or the Army. These were some of the first missions for the new Seabess. The Seabees were responsible for building homes, facilities and walking paths, among many others.


The base never stopped working during World War II. The workers were on duty around the clock. The base was huge, therefore keeping it alive required a lot of troops. Meanwhile, the other troops on the warring fields indirectly depended on this base .

Arriving at North Island
Naval Base Coronado/Ships Present/Shore Tenant Commands:
Locations to check in vary according to the command to which you are assigned. Call your command or check their website for specific information. For those stationed on Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI), your first stop will be at the Main Gate. Gate 1, located at the intersection of Third and Alameda Blvd. Those stationed on Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) will go to the Main Gate on Tarawa Road. This is the best place to get current information on ships in port and directions to your ship or command.
Personnel reporting to NASNI during normal working hours will typically be directed to the Quarterdeck, Building 678. If reporting to another command, the personnel at the Main Gate can assist the service member in locating their command. The NASNI Officer of the Day can be reached by phone at 619-545-8123; DSN 312-735-8123 for additional assistance.
Deployed Ships:
Personnel reporting for duty to a deployed unit will be directed to the Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) located at Brunton Hall on the “Dry Side” of Naval Base San Diego (NBSD).

Base Population

Hosts more than 5000 military troops, with 7000 constantly changing students and reserve troops.