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Naval Submarine Base New London 

Primary East Coast submarine base 
1 Crystal Lake Rd, Groton, CT 06340

Just like its officials describe it, Naval Submarine Base New London is the capital of the world when it comes to such machines. At the same time, it is often referred to as the home of the strongest submarine force. The fact is that this military base is the most important submarine base the United States Navy controls. The base is named after its location. It was established in the southeastern corner of Connecticut, close to New London.


There are no more than ten permanent units at Submarine Base New London, including the Submarine Learning Center, the Naval Branch Health Clinic, the Naval Submarine School and the Commander Submarine Group 2. The Naval Undersea Medical Institute is just as important. Aside from these main units, there are plenty of temporary tenants as well, but their role is not very significant.


The history of Submarine Base New London begins in 1868. It is one of the oldest military bases the US Navy operates. The local authorities in Connecticut gave the US Navy about 0.5 square kilometers to develop a new naval base. The funds were null, as the government was going through a harsh financial time. Therefore, the base became functional in 1872 only. However, it only had three buildings, so there was nothing special about it. During its first years, finding a purpose for such a small base was very hard. The lack of funds didn’t give it the possibility to expand and advance, therefore it was turned into a coaling base.


In 1915, the first five submarines reached the destination. One of them was Ozark. The times were harsh as World War I drew the world in a very complicated situation. There were severe fights taking place in the Atlantic, not to mention about Europe. One year later, multiple submarines were “driven” to the station. With a relatively decent amount of submarines and crafts, the base was finally turned into a sub base. That is when it became the premiere base of the US Navy in a matter of submarines. Soon after World War I reached to an end, the authorities found the funds to improve the status of the facility. Multiple training sites and schools were built on site, so the place finally got to deserve the name and reputation it had.

Arriving at Naval Submarine 
If you are unsure of where you should “check in” for your new command, call the Combined Bachelor Quarters Supervisor for directions and guidance as to proper check-in procedures. They can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 860-694-3416 or DSN 312-694-3416.
Make lodging reservations in advance, of your travel. The Navy will allow up to two pets provided the weight of the pet do not exceed 50 pounds. Your sponsor can provide information on kennel and boarding arrangements for pets that exceed the capacity of the Navy Lodge. Or more information call the Navy Lodge at 860-446-1160.

Base Population

The base serves an active duty population of about 7,500 personnel accompanied by 12,000 family members. The base also is the host to Naval Reserve Units, an Army detachment and a host of DoD civilian personnel and contractors. In addition, the United States Coast Guard Academy is located across the Thames River on the west bank, in New London.