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Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific  

Provides operational direction and management to all Pacific Naval Telecommunication System users
Center St, Wahiawa, HI 96786

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) has roots dating back to 1888. The station now provides operational direction and management to all Pacific Naval Telecommunication System users and also manages, operates, and maintains Defense Communication System and Naval Telecommunication System assets, and offers a full range of ADP and information resource services, maintenance and repair, and communication/electronic and Defense Message System coordination to the United States Navy and other United States Department of Defense (DoD) activities in the Pacific. The command is located in Wahiawa, on the island of Oahu, with outlying departments at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay, and Camp H. M. Smith.


The mission of NCTAMS PAC is to provide diversified communications, network monitoring and control, and electronic maintenance to fleet units and all echelons of shore commands in Hawaii and across the pacific.


The history of NCTAMS PAC began in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Back then, the Hawaiian king Kalakaua allowed the United States of America to build a huge coaling installation for the ships floating around in the Pacific area. The USA gained all the rights over the new construction, which was over at the end of the 19-th century, in 1888. A few years later, the Americans gained the rights for a radio station as well, which became fully active and operational in 1906.


During World War I, the United States of America kept injecting more and more funds in the installation. The spring of 1915 brought in an allocation of almost half a million dollars. The authorities decided to build one of the most advanced and powerful radio stations in the world. The first message sent from this station occurred in 1916. It was nothing but a random message Captain Clerk sent to Washington to let the authorities know that the system works. According to his own words, it was a honor for him. The reply got back about half an hour later.



Facilities at NCTAMS
The major importance of NCTAMS PAC for the United States Navy recommended some high quality facilities for a good experience on site. The troops feel like home with the diversified dining facilities, the recreational activities that imply swimming pools, fitness clubs, gyms and jacuzzi, not to mention about the bowling center.
The mini mart stores on site provide great shopping opportunities for the fans, plus you can find anything you might need. The picnic spots, parks and basketball courts are excellent if you like sports, while the kids can always kill their time on some of the few skating parks and playgrounds in the area. All in all, NCTAMS PAC is definitely a great place to stay at.

Base Population

The overall population for Wahiawa, Hawaii is 17,821.