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Naval Station San Diego 

Naval Base
Hosts around 120 different tenant units including: Afloat Training Group Pacific, the Medical Center San Diego, the Marine Corps Relief Society, the Training Support Center and the Sea Logistics Center.
3455 Senn St, San Diego, CA 92136


Naval Station San Diego is one of the multitude of military bases in California owned and operated by the United States Navy. In fact, this is the largest one located on the West Coast. It is the base with the most important operations in the Pacific. It hosts more than 50 ships on 13 piers. However, it only spreads on four square kilometers, plus 1.3 square kilometers on the water. The base is located in San Diego and is commanded by Captain Winton Smith.


There are also a lot of ships “parked” there, including 18 destroyers, 10 amphibious ships, 7 cruisers, 6 frigates, a couple of cutters and littoral ships. The base is as complete as it can be if you count all the units and ships representing it.


The land occupied by NS San Diego today belonged to a ship building corporation. If the business was very profitable throughout World War I, things changed a little when the war reached to an end. In fact, the profit began to drop until the whole business became worthless. This is why the owner decided to hand the land back to the local authorities for some small costs. Meanwhile, the United States Navy was carefully exploring the West Coast to find a perfect place for a new base. Around 1920, the Navy found the site that was once owned by the ship manufacturer and picked it right away. After a long bureaucratic process and a lot of problems raising out of nowhere, the base was finally over and the groundbreaking ceremony was held in 1922.

Arriving at Naval Station
Naval Base San Diego/Ships Present/Shore Tenant Commands:
Locations to check in vary according to the command to which you are assigned. Call your command or check their website for specific information. Generally, your first stop will be at the Naval Base San Diego (NBSD) Main Gate, Gate 6. Gate 6 is located at the intersection of Harbor Drive and 32nd Street. This is the best place to get current information on ships in port and directions to your ship or command.
Personnel reporting to NBSD during normal working hours will typically be directed to the Administrative Department in Building 72. After work hours and on weekends, contact the Naval Base San Diego’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 619-556-7615 or DSN 312-526-7615. If reporting to another command, the personnel at Gate 6 can assist the service member in locating their command.
Deployed Ships:
Personnel reporting for duty to a deployed unit will be directed to the Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) located at Brunton Hall on the “Dry Side” of Naval Base San Diego (NBSD).

Base Population

Currently, the base hosts more than 20,000 military troops. At the same time, there are about 6,000 civilians on site. They are mostly families and independent contractors.