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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Navy Medical Center
620 John Paul Jones Cir, Portsmouth, VA 23708

Medical Center Portsmouth is one of the most important health care places in the United States of America. It is located in Portsmouth, in the southwestern side of Virginia. The hospital is operated by the United States Navy and represents the oldest continuously working clinic in this branch. The officials and management team describe this place as being the first and the finest, which is actually its motto as well. The workers provide help and assistance to half a million individuals in an attempt to carry on this amazing tradition. Medical Center Portsmouth was established in 1827 and has never stopped working since then.

The services you can benefit from at this medical center vary widely. It is so old and professional that it had enough time to go through all the medicinal stages. It was constantly updated and upgraded with the latest technologies and never remained behind the “competition”. In fact, it has always been among the front runners in the United States Navy. The Child Waiting Center (CWC) is one of the main services provided on site. Basically, these services include anything that has something to do with the youngsters, starting with oncology and nutrition and ending with glucose testing and chapel operations. The CWC is free of charge. The family medicine, immunology, sports medicine, nutrition, dental work and maxillofacial surgeries, dermatology, endocrinology or laboratory medicine are just as popular among the services the troops can benefit from. Don’t forget to count the pediatrics, radiology, rheumatology or neurosurgery.

Believe it or not, Medical Center Portsmouth also benefits from a small clinic for plastic surgery and reconstruction. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem the troops come up with. Whether it is a wound they encounter in a problematic area in the world or they need to get rid of some abnormal formations, this place provides a high quality service that can eliminate any particularity. The same rules apply for the internal breast clinic, which is strictly dedicated to helping women deal with personal problems.

Medical Center Portsmouth is not useful for clinical and medical services only, but also to turn regular students into professional doctors. It doesn’t matter what area of interest they aim for. The local navy college is excellent. At the same time, there are specific courses for the dental education. The students who are unable to attend a regular course for personal reasons may benefit from online schooling. In order to stay in touch with the latest technologies, the medical center has also adopted this new idea. The web based training lessons are excellent and just as useful. Of course, they cannot compete with the real life education, but they are just one step behind.
As a small final conclusion, Medical Center Portsmouth does deserve the reputation it has. It is not just another clinic that treats the wounded troops or the military personnel, but a hospital with close to two centuries of experience, not to mention about its awards.

Base Population

There are more than 4,000 workers.