Navy anchor

Naval Station Mayport

Garrison: Littoral Combat Ship Squadron TWO, 
Helicopter squadrons: HSM-40 “Airwolves”, HSM-46 “Grandmasters”, HSM-48 “Vipers”
Home of: the Navy’s 4th Fleet 
1 Massey Avenue Mayport, FL 32228
Naval Station Mayport

Naval Station Mayport is one of three major Navy installations in the Jacksonville area. It has grown to become the third-largest fleet concentration area in the United States. 

Mayport contains a protected harbor and is unique in that it is home to a busy basin capable of accommodating 34 ships and an 8,000-foot runway capable of handling any aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory.

With more than 3,400 acres, the naval station is host to more that 70 tenant commands including 19 naval ships, the USCGS Valiant (WMEC 621), Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 40, 46, 48 and Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 60. Naval Station Mayport is also the operational and training headquarters for the SH-R Seahawk LAMPS MK III with a primary mission of anti-submarine warfare. 

With its ease of access to inland waterways and the open ocean, early Sailors’ interest in the region has resulted in an important military base with strong ties to the community. 

This century finds Naval Station Mayport thriving with activity and well-positioned to serve as a vehicle for mission readiness. 

Arriving at Naval Station Mayport 

Jacksonville International Airport is just 35 miles northwest of the naval station. The base is at the end of Mayport Road. 


You must be in uniform when checking in. Service Dress Blue is universally accepted as a travel uniform and may be worn at check-in, regardless of the season. Personnel with PCS orders to Naval Station Mayport should report to the base quarterdeck in Naval Station Headquarters Building 1. 


Those reporting to a tenant command should report to that command’s quarterdeck. Personnel ordered to a ship should report directly to their ship if in port. If the ship is not in, check in with the naval station’s quarterdeck for assistance. 


The Security Office is in Building 1591, just inside the main gate. The pass and ID office, located on the right just prior to the main gate in Building 1983, assists newly reporting personnel and visitors with information, station decals or visitor passes. A valid driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance and vehicle registration are required to receive a visitor’s pass. 


Base Population

Total active duty at NS Mayport is 15,150 with approximately 32,000 family members.