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Naval Air Station Lemoore

Master Jet Base, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific 
Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2), Carrier Air Wing 5 (CVW-5), Carrier Air Wing Nine (CVW-9), Carrier Air Wing Eleven (CVW-11), Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW-17)
700 Avenger Ave, Lemoore, CA 93245

Naval Air Station Lemoore, the Navy’s prime West Coast Tactical Naval Air Station, is located in California’s Central Valley. The town of Lemoore is a military-friendly, low to medium cost area. The surrounding area is covered for as far as the eye can see with agricultural crops of all types. Lemoore is home to the Pacific Strike Fighter Wing with its supporting facilities.

NAS Lemoore’s primary mission is to support fleet carrier squadrons. The heart of the mission is the operational area. Designed to support more than 20 fleet squadrons, it serves as master training center for the carrier-based strike fighter squadrons of the Pacific Fleet.

In 1954, the Navy searched the central California area for land to build a master jet air station – one with congestion-free air space. Lemoore was chosen because of its central location, good weather for flying, relatively inexpensive land and nearby accommodations. It was approved in 1960, when the construction began. Although not entirely finished, it was opened in 1961, when the first units arrived at the base. Among the most popular and useful facilities, you can count two long runaways located almost 1.5 km one from another, maintenance and repair hangars for the equipments, as well as parking spots. Although the base missed the most important wars of the last century – World War I and World War II, it played an active role throughout the upcoming conflicts, such as the Cold War.In July 1998, NAS Lemoore was selected as the West Coast site for the Navy’s newest strike-fighter aircraft, the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet.  

Arriving at NAS Lemoore 
Locations to check in vary according to the command to which you are assigned. Check with your sponsor, read your orders or call the quarterdeck for specific information (review the Major Unit listing tab for your command phone number). If your command is currently deployed, you will check in with the Transient Personnel Department (TPD), located in Building 800, during normal working hours. After normal working hours, report to the Hornet Desk at the Navy Gateway Inn & Suites. The phone number is 559-998-4609.
Ensure that you have submitted the proper leave request prior to taking house hunting leave. Make sure you have requested Dislocation Allowance prior to your relocation through your Travel Clerk or Personnel Support Detachment.

Base Population

Serves approximately 7,200 military, 1,300 civilians, and 10,900 dependents, 12,825 Retirees/Dependents, 500 Students/Transients, and 825 reservists