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Naval Hospital Jacksonville 

Hospital in NAS Jacksonville 
2080 Child St, Jacksonville, FL 32214

Naval Hospital Jacksonville is located within the boundaries of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station in Duval County, Jacksonville. The medical facility sits directly on the banks of the St. Johns River in the northeastern corner of Florida. The hospital exists are part of the internal infrastructure of the much larger Naval Air Station that it serves. Naval Hospital Jacksonville sees and treats and astounding 400,000 sailors, marines and dependents annually, with 10,000 of them being admitted to the hospital for further treatment. Patient care of such a massive scale makes Naval Hospital one of the busiest medical facilities in the United States.


Naval Hospital Jacksonville serves a single main purpose, to provide the highest level of care and treatment to all members of the armed services in need. The hospital is equipped to handle any sort of medical procedure and emergency both onsite and in the field. Navy doctors and corpsman operate a full medical program that is capable of treating all sailors and marines stationed in the surrounding area, civilian and Department of Defense employees, retired service members and dependents of active duty personnel. The men and women of Naval Hospital Jacksonville.


Naval Hospital Jacksonville provides an almost all encompassing range of services. The hospital is currently the fourth largest medical facility operated by the United States Navy, and arguably the most important. Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s services extend outside of the Naval Air Station to five satellite branch clinics throughout Florida and Georgia as well.
The facility is equipped to handle all facets of medicine from basic preventative care to trauma and intricate surgical procedures. Services at Naval Hospital Jacksonville include family care, dental, gynecology and obstetrics, mental health care, trauma and surgical services, oncology care and prenatal care. Naval Hospital Jacksonville is also part of the TRICARE Network, the primary insurance provider for active duty and retired military and Department of Defense personnel. This means that it regularly accepts patients who have recently separated from service or are medically retired.


Since its founding in 1941, Naval Hospital Jacksonville has been under strict charge of the department of defense to “treat the heroes of the United States” both at home and abroad. This not only requires the staff of the hospital to treat sailors and marines at the Naval Air Station, but deploy doctors, nurses and corpsman with active duty Navy and Marine Corps Fleet units in support ongoing operations.

Arriving at Hospital Jacksonville 
Newly assigned Naval Hospital Staff go directly to the Hospital information desk located in Bldg. H-2080, on Child Street.
New To The Jacksonville Area

Call DEERS at 800-538-9552 to update your address

Go to TRICARE HBA or TSC to transfer your enrollment and get a PCM

Go to Outpatient Medical Records at Naval Hospital to register, update address/telephone, turn in records and submit health insurance information or any additional information
Once assigned, call your PCM for an initial visit. If your PCM is at Naval Hospital Jacksonville call Central Appointments at 800-529-4677 or 904-542-4677.
If you are moving with school-age children, see the Florida Department of Health or Georgia Department of Education website for requirement. 

Base Population

2,500 Navy and civilian medical staff, handles an estimated 2,000 patients daily, including several births.