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Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton

Military hospital in the Camp Pendleton
200 Mercy Cir, Oceanside, CA 92055

Naval Hospital Pendleton is among the ramified network of medical facilities operated and owned by the United States Navy in the United States of America. The US Navy is probably the military field with the largest such network in the country. There are multiple clinics and centers spread around each particular state. This one is located in San Diego, in the southern part of California. It is similar to most other US Navy medical centers. A few of them have the ability and financial capacity to operate without responding in front of more important commands. On the other hand, most centers are actually tenants or work to support a particular base or installation. Naval Hospital Pendleton is one of them. It is actually located about 15 kilometers away from the camp entrance. In other words, it is a tenant. The military base it supports is among the largest and most important facilities on the American West Coast, especially due to its strategical position. 


Naval Hospital Pendleton can brag with some of the finest professionals in this field. Its mission is not strictly military. Its primary objective is to provide unconditional support and professional services to anyone in need. Of course, its location mostly recommends it for the military troops on site. At the same time, their families are also among the priorities. With all these, the medical personnel will never refuse someone coming from outside the camp. Although its purpose is military and it is located inside a military base, the hospital is actually open for anyone.


The hospital is more complete than many other civilian facilities in the country. Its capacity implies around 120 patients at the same time. The personnel is highly trained in any type of operation, whether it implies surgical or nonsurgical services. The local pharmacy allows the patients to get all the medications they need at some affordable prices. Other than that, it is often said that preventing is always better than curing, especially in the medical world. This is exactly what the experts at Naval Hospital Pendleton try to do. They conduct various lessons, courses and seminars for those who want to find out more about enjoying a healthy lifestyle without too many medical problems.

Arriving at the hospital
All Navy Personnel assigned to Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton should report to the officer of the day at the quarterdeck, Bldg. H-100, Naval Hospital, during and after working hours. All other Navy personnel will report to Bldg. 1223 for further assignment aboard Camp Pendleton should report to the appropriate Navy Personnel Office (i.e., 1st MLG, Division, etc.). For more information, call (760) 725-1078 for after hours call (760) 293-1492.

Base Population

The camp has a population of approximately 37,000 active duty Marines and Sailors, with approximately 27% of family members living on base and 73% living off base.