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Naval Weapons Station Earle 

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201 NJ-34, Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Naval Weapons Stations Earle is a military facility operated by the United States Navy in New Jersey. Its most distinguishing characteristic is the huge pier located in the nearby bay. It is longer than four kilometers. It helps the troops load or unload some of the most advanced ammunitions and weapons from various ships at a huge and also safe distance from the actual base and the surrounding communities. It is an excellent idea to ensure a safe process. Although it is a military installation, The New Yorker described this base to be one of the greatest areas to live in the United States of America. One of the nearby communities was actually ranked as the safest place in the country. In other words, the facilities on site are just excellent. The installation is split in two larger parts. They are connected through a road that is closed to unauthorized personnel. It is owned by the government.


NWS Earle has the clear mission to support all the operations conducted by the Department of Defense through the United States Navy. Most of the operations are taken by the Atlantic Fleet. Just like its name describes its objectives, the base deals with weaponry equipments. It is responsible for storing, repairing, developing and maintaining some of the most advanced weapons used by the US Navy troops. This mission turns the place into an essential one for this military force.
The facilities on site are worth being taken in consideration as well. From this point of view, the base is among the few in the world where people would actually love to be relocated. The main side spreads over about 40 square kilometers and basically maintains a small human community. The housing opportunities, shops, centers and services don’t even give you the idea of a military installation. Maintaining high quality facilities is probably one of the factors that turned the base into such a prolific name for the US Navy.


The history of NWS Earle dates back to World War II. The United States Navy felt the necessity of multiple depots, therefore it established a few in various parts of the country. This one was established in the metropolitan area of New York. The local Sandy Hook Bay seemed like an excellent place. The bay was protected and safe, while the construction would not affect too many natives. The construction began right away and was complete in 1943. However, when the place was commissioned, it was not fully operational. Only a few facilities were actually done, so the construction kept going for a while. The base was named in the memory of Ralph Earle, one of the US Navy leaders during World War I. He led the ordnance bureau back then.
After World War II drew to an end, NWS Earle adopted a continuously improving program that goes on today too. The base has always updated its mission and equipments according to the latest needs of the US Navy, without skipping to take in consideration tomorrow’s projects too. The depot was renamed to what it is today in 1974.

Arriving at Earle
During normal working hours, report to NWS Earle Administration Department, Bldg C-2. After normal working hours, ask the Front Gate Security Detachment to contact the Command Duty Officer for assistance.
For personnel reporting for duty aboard ships homeported at Naval Weapons Station Earle report to the Leonardo waterfront gate. You will be directed to your ship for completion of check-in. If your ship is underway you must report to COMLOGRU TWO Det Earle located in Building R-3A. If you are reporting to the Mobile Mine Assembly Group report to the Mainside area on Route 34.

Base Population

Naval Weapons Station Earle servers over 2,000 military DoD civilians and families. NWS Earle is the homeport to USS Seattle (AOE 3), USS Detroit (AOE 4), USS Supply (AOE 6), USS Arctic (AOE 8), and Combat Logistics Group 2.