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Training Center Corry 

Sub-installation of nearby that hosts several of the Navy’s Information Warfare Corps training commands
Headquarters for Center for Information Warfare Training
640 Roberts Ave, Pensacola, FL 32511
Training Center Corry Florida

With its roots dating back to 1923, Training Center Corry is among the important military facilities due to hosting the CID (Center for Information Dominance) of the United States Navy. The facility is located in Myrtle Grove, one of the main neighborhoods in Pensacola, Florida. The place covers more than 600 acres.

The mission of Training Center Corry is to support the Department of Defense, wherewith it works in a tight collaboration. The installation hosts multiple schools and training centers. They are used by the Department of Defense to train various types of troops, as well as reserve troops and civilians. The center is among the few installations that are open to civilians, but under strict and specific rules and regulations. Other than that, its students come from all over the world and not just the allied countries of the United States of America. Besides, the base has five different detachments in four states – Maryland, Texas, California and Arizona.

The history of Training Center Corry begins in 1923. The center was initially established in a different place, but in the same metropolitan area of Pensacola. It was relocated a decade later, in 1928. The base was named in the memory of William M. Corry, Jr., one of the Medal of Honor recipients. During its first years, the base was nothing but a training center for the most advanced aircrafts. Some of the smartest techniques were invented there. The same mission was kept throughout World War II and the Korean War. In 1958, its purpose was no longer that useful, so the base was disestablished.

The conversion to a learning center started in 1960, when some of the hangars and magazines were turned into classrooms and teaching halls. By 1973, the schools on site were accredited and turned out to be among the first ones in this part of the nation. The mission of this place was changed a few more times over the past couple of decades until Training Center Corry became what it is today.

Arriving at Training Center

Arrival at Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training


Personnel (Staff and Students) reporting to the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training will report to the Quarterdeck, Building 3460, Room 1136, in uniform of the day (not dungarees), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Personnel will need to have their orders and service records with them upon reporting. After reporting to the Quarterdeck the OOD will direct you.

Base Population

NAS Pensacola has approximately 14,544 military personnel per year, not including family members. All branches of the military are represented on this installation and Corry Station. There are approximately 450,000 people who are residents of the Pensacola area.