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Naval Hospital Charleston 

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Charleston, South Carolina 

Naval Hospital Charleston is among the wide variety of military hospitals operated by the United States Navy. The facility is established in Charleston, in the eastern part of South Carolina. It is not the only medical facility run by the US Navy in this state. At the same time, it is among the oldest continuously running medical centers in the United States of America.

The history of Naval Hospital Charleston dates back more than a century ago, to 1902. The authorities acquired almost 100 acres of land from the local city council of Charleston. The land was purchased in the immediate proximity of a military base that was also operated by the US Navy. Since the base had the tendency to expand and the authorities didn’t really need all the 100 acres, the size kept decreasing. At some point, when World War II reached to an end, it was a little over 40 acres in size, which means it lost more than half of its size.

Prior to World War I, the site took a continuous upgrade. The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery kept raising new buildings and facilities for the medical staff. During World War I, the center was still small enough for the harsh requirements. There were only 28 beds to support the incoming wounded troops. During the war, the place was taken through a new expansion round in an emergency project. At some point, the bed capacity raised to 120.

The actual construction of a hospital began after World War I ended. Naval Hospital Charleston was a medical center based on multiple smaller facilities. In the first summer day of 1917, the authorities began the construction of the hospital. It was finished by July, 31-th, 1917. The new construction raised the bed capacity to about 1,000.
Before World War II implied the United States of America, Naval Hospital Charleston was upgraded again. The new round of updates came as the result of the United States of America attempts to increase the national security. The center lived to “see” a second groundbreaking ceremony in February, 1970, as a new hospital was raised.
These days, things have not changed too much. Although most improvements it took came as emergencies, Naval Hospital Charleston got to become one of the most advanced and professional medical centers in the United States of America. With all these, the ascension is still far from being over, as new projects are about to “hit” this place again.



The medical staff working on site has the clear objective to provide full support, medical care and professional services to all the military troops and their families, whenever they need it. Although mostly used for the local problems, the hospital has often been used to treat incoming wounded people during the past American conflicts. Other than that, its vision is to be the best in this industry. In fact, the hospital is already popular among the centers with a high and positive reputation. This is when these experts try to push even harder, only to be on top.

Base Population

The overall population in Charleston, South Carolina is 110,861.