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1 Boone Rd, Bremerton, WA 98312

Naval Hospital Bremerton is a full service community hospital located In Kitsap County, Washington and is part of a network of US Navy installations in the area. The hospital is equipped to handle a wide array of medicine including emergency care, basic and primary care, surgical operations and obstetrical and prenatal care. Though fully equipped for all manner of medicine, Naval Hospital Bremerton is not a large facility. The hospital regularly maintains on 36 beds, however it has the capacity to expand to 72 beds in times of great need. Despite its relatively small size, Naval Hospital Bremerton is responsible for serving multiple Navy installations in the area, including Naval Base Kitsap and Naval Base Bremerton.


The primary role of Naval Base Bremerton is to provide preventative, primary and emergency medical care to US Navy service members and their family in the area. While the hospital itself provides exceptional medical care, the facility prides itself on being able to provide top notch medical services anytime and anywhere. Military medicine requires that all members of the medical staff maintain at all times the ability to jump into action, and as a result the staff of Naval Hospital Bremerton maintains a constant state of readiness and take every opportunity at home and abroad to expand its care and research capabilities.


In order to meet US Navy standards of care and professionalism, Naval Hospital Bremerton is governed by a system of core principles. Chief among these is the expectation of exceptional care of all patients, regardless of rank and position. The entire staff of the installation is expected to work as a unit to improvise, adapt and overcome in all situations to ensure mission completion. Additionally, the institution is expected to take every situation as an opportunity to expand the goodwill of the United States Navy at home and across all corners of the globe.



Services at Naval Hospital Bremerton range across the entire field of medicine. Since the facility serves as a medical hub for multiple US Navy installations, is must maintain a wide range of services to accommodate all needs of sailors and their families. Family medicine is one of the largest fields practiced at the hospital, with all the accompanying services being offered. Ear nose and throat (ENT), dental, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology and a surgical center can all be found as part of the family medicine program within the hospital. Also included is a unique substance abuse rehabilitation program (SARP), orthopedics and rehabilitation and a full service pharmacy.

Base Population

Despite its small size, Naval Hospital Bremerton is one of the most active medical facilities in the United States Military. An average day at Naval Hospital Bremerton can see over 1400 visits, including 2 births, 200 dental visits, 10 surgeries and 65 emergency department visits.