Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme

30th Naval Construction Regiment, training support to four Sea Bee Battalions and with 31st Seabee readiness Group

Oxnard, CA 93035


Naval Battalion Center is the main source and official name for the best civil engineers in the United States Navy. The professionals working in this group are generally referred to as the Seabees. In fact, this name is actually more popular than the official one. It comes from the two initials of the name – CB. The group is basically responsible for building and maintaining the constructions in any problematic area it is sent to. It doesn’t matter if you count Vietnam or Afghanistan. The group has always been there to support the construction of new camps, places and transportation. Whether you count new rodes, walking paths, tents, buildings or camps, it can be done. In fact, the Seabees have not always supported the United States of America only, but were also involved in a wide variety of humanitarian acts, especially in a lot of problematic areas. For instance, when deployed to Vietnam, they didn’t just deal with the troops, but also with the homeless communities that became collateral victims. The Seabees worked on schools, hospitals, orphanages and homes.

Naval Battalion Center became a solid thought right before the United States of America joined World War II. The authorities expected to join the fights on the two major oceans. With the Pearl Harbor attacks, the plan became reality. The first base was established in Rhode Island. A few more showed up as the war was advancing. There were a few hundred thousands Seabees trained throughout World War II. The first troops were civilians. They were recruited from civil engineers. Although they had no experience in military buildings, the step to become a professional Seabee was small.

As soon as World War II reached to an end, Naval Battalion Center was useless for many years. The authorities were planning to disestablish it, but the exceptional results from the war convinced them to keep it alive. It was a smart decision, especially since the United States of America joined the Korean War that began in 1950. More than 10,000 Seabees were sent to establish some of the camps and bases for the American troops. Similar events took place during the Vietnam War too. As years passed by, the same troops joined both the Cold War, as well as the so called war on terrorism. The Seabees represented a great feature for the American troops, regardless of the conflict. Setting up bases and settlements is part of the “game”.

1,420 military family members reside in military housing at Point Mugu, and 1,077 at Port Hueneme. 4,400 Department of Defense Civil Service employees and 4,400 contractors are employed in support of the sea test range, airfield, port and support services at Point Mugu and Port Hueneme. The active duty personnel on both bases consists of aviators, Seabees, Air Force students, personnel support, and mobilizing reservists numbering at 6,500 active duty and 2,500 ready reserve.



Reporting to Naval Base Ventura County, all personnel should report to the Quarterdeck (open 24 hours a day) in Building 1, Point Mugu site or for those military personnel reporting to a CBC Battalion should report to Building 1000, (operating only during normal working hours), Port Hueneme site during working hours, after working normal working hours report to the BEQ at the Port Hueneme site. From there, each individual will be directed through the proper sections to complete the reporting procedures.

Tenant Commands
Personnel reporting to tenant commands may proceed directly to their respective commands, but may report through the NBVC quarterdeck for directions and information. This procedure is for during and after working hours. Quarterdeck phone number is 805-989-7209 or DSN 312-351-7209, Point Mugu site.
Once you are on-station at NBVC, Point Mugu site report to the Quarterdeck, Building 1, 805-989-7209, for in processing or reporting to a CBC Battalion, report to the Quarterdeck, Building 1000, Port Hueneme site, 805-982-4571.


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To be enrolled in a California school, children should be five years old by September 1st to be eligible for kindergarten. The law also required school districts to develop a transitional kindergarten program for children who will no longer be age-eligible. Check with the school for requirements.

In 2010, California along with the majority of other states, the District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense Education Activity adopted Common Core State Standards that provide a consistent set of educational expectations for students, regardless of ZIP code. When a family moves, a student’s education is often disrupted because the student may be forced to repeat material or learn at a different level at the new school. With common standards across states, this disruption will be reduced — of particular interest to military families. For more information, visit

Ventura County School District

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California Department of Human Resources 916-324-0455
Helps families live safe, healthy and successful lives. It fulfills this mission by providing children, youth, families and adults care, services and treatment to thrive in their homes and communities.

Ventura County Children Services 805-677-8700
Strives to create communities where children grow up safe from abuse, neglect and dependency, where adults are protected from domestic violence and where parents can be strengthened in their capacity to keep their family safe.

Ventura County Animal Services 805-646-6505
Handles pet adoptions, pet licensing, lost and found animals, and more.

Ventura County Dept of Public Health 805-652-5902

Highway Patrol 805-662-2640

Base Operator 805-982-4711


Chaplain 805-989-7967


Housing Services Office 805-986-0928


ID/CAC Card Processing 805-982-5367


Legal Services and JAG 805-989-7309


Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255


Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Port Hueneme/Point Mugu is located on the vast Oxnard plain, just 65 miles northwest of Downtown Los Angeles, California. The cities of Port Hueneme, Oxnard, and Camarillo are nearest to NBVC. NBVC provides the Pacific Fleet with a premier mobilization site, complete with a deep water port, rail head, and airfield; all in one package.

Hollywood Beach

2.2 miles from base

A quiet walkable beach community with a great school. There are a few restaurants, gyms, coffee shops and boating excursion businesses in the community. It is a mixed residential neighborhood with a few single-family rentals (depending on your budget), duplexes, condos, and apartments. All are close proximity to the beach. Real estate is always available depending on your budget.


6.1 miles from base

Riverpark is a gated community located less than a mile from base in Port Hueneme. It offers nice, safe homes, and a great school district in Camarillo.

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In Oxnard, the summers are comfortable, arid, and clear and the winters are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 47°F to 74°F and is rarely below 40°F or above 81°F.
Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Oxnard for warm-weather activities is from mid June to early October.

In Oxnard, CA, the overall cost of living index is 133, which is 4% lower than the California average and 33% higher than the U.S. average.

Everyday goods and services provide an accurate measure of the general cost of goods in any given city. In the case of Oxnard, CA, the city’s goods and services are 1% lower than the California average and 9% higher than the U.S. average.

A bundle of entertaining activities — music, sports, theater, museums, parks and shopping — is waiting to be unwrapped in Ventura County and beyond. Drop into a wave at one of the county’s beautiful public beaches, for instance, or shop until you drop at Ventura Harbor Village. Don’t miss the annual county fair or the traditional holiday “Nutcracker” performance by the Ventura County Ballet Company. And be sure to check out the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Local strawberry growers show off the fruits of their labor at the annual California Strawberry Festival usually held in May in Oxnard. Taste and purchase locally grown strawberries while enjoying a carnival, live music, strawberry-eating contests and games for the whole family. ChopperFest, the annual motorcycle art and culture show, revs up each December at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Wonder at the custom designs and paint jobs; wander vendor booths and a swap meet; and enjoy food, live music and other entertainment. The festival has a modest admission fee, with discounts for members of the military and youth.

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