Navy anchor

NAS Atlanta 

Military facility, Headquarters for the Georgia State Department of Defense
Marietta, Georgia 

NAS Atlanta, Georgia as it was known over the history, is a military base located close to Marietta. Over the last years, the base was known as General D. Lucius Clay National Guard Center. The place is in the immediate proximity of a different air base – Dobbins, wherewith it shared the runways.


The general mission of NAS Atlanta was to deal with the training sessions for Marine Corps and Navy reservists, whether they were used in aviation or non aviation missions. The command was run by over 900 individuals, both military troops and civilian people employed there.


The construction was approved in 1955. The US government decided to look after a wide flat field that would allow way longer runways compared to what the bases at those times had. The place was actually a small camp that was taken over. Since there were no political threats at those times, the base construction took 4 years and was complete in 1959. It is a relatively long period of time if you take in consideration the World War II bases that were built within months. The objectives of the base changed more times over the years. However, the constant improvements and upgrades turned the base into one of the most advanced military bases in the United States of America. As a matter of fact, it was awarded with the Edwin F. Conway Trophy two times – 1987 and 1993, as the most effective Naval Air Station. Some staff members also received numerous awards during those times. The upcoming years brought in even more rewards.


Units at NAS Atlanta 
Over the year, dozens of units – tenant, associate or permanent – went through the gates of NAS Atlanta for temporary missions, training sessions or while looking for a base to call home. Some of the most important units that inhabited the base over the last years include the Carrier Air Wing Reserve 20, the Fleet Logistics Squadron 46, the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 142, the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron or the Carrier Airbone Early Warning Squadron 77. A few of the units established here actually managed to stay for more than a few months.

Base Population

The overall population of Marietta, Georgia is 61,048.