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Naval Support Activity Annapolis 

Military Installation
58 Bennion Rd, District 3, MD 21402
Naval Support Activity Annapolis

Naval Support Activity Annapolis is a military installation operated by the United States Navy in Maryland, on the Severn River. It is located in the central part of the state. It spreads over around 1,500 acres and consists of about 400 buildings. It is one of the largest military bases owned by the United States Navy. It is better known among the natives for the airshows provided by Blue Angels. Blue Angels represent a group of expert and professional pilots performing amazing stunts in various parts of the United States of America. They manage to gather together impressive crowds and both official representatives and civilian fans.


NSA Annapolis aims to gather together a tight team of experts in the military and civilian fields. They work together in a strict collaboration to provide some of the best services and operations. Their dedication and hard work are the two major factors that took the base where it is today. The base inhabitants represent one of the priorities. The high quality facilities have always been updated and upgraded for the military troops and civilians to feel like home. Whether you count the recreational spots, the dining facilities or the internal health care system, all these facilities definitely raise to the expectations. All people are treated equally, whether they are military troops, civilian contractors, employees and families or retired individuals. The activities on site keep the people entertained.


The experts on site embrace the operations and missions conducted by both the United States Navy and the Department of Defense. The tenants on site represent the primary mission of the base and their missions have always been given full support through a moral conduct.


NSA Annapolis became the main installation of the United States Navy in 1911. It is responsible for hosting the first naval air station in the US Navy history. At the same time, the base also holds the record for the first flight from a naval air station. Therefore, its history began with two major achievements that opened a lot of doors for the upcoming decades. Back then, the installation was not a very modern one. It started gaining popularity prior to World War II.

Arriving at Annapolis 


All Navy personnel, officer and enlisted, should report to the respective offices listed below to have their orders endorsed. All officer and enlisted must be in dress uniform or uniform of the day.


Personnel checking in should bring their original orders, medical and dental records.


All officers stationed at the U.S. Naval Academy/Annapolis Area Complex should report to the Officer Personnel Office, located in the Administration Building at 121 Blake Road, Annapolis, MD 21402, 410-293-1558.


All enlisted personnel assigned to the U.S. Naval Academy should report to the Enlisted Personnel Office, located at Naval Support Activity Annapolis, 15 Bennion Road, Annapolis, MD 21402. If you arrive during non-duty hours, report the following morning between 0730-0900 to the Enlisted Personnel Office to commence check-in.


All enlisted personnel assigned to the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis should report to the Administration office in Building 58, 410-293-9332.


All officer and enlisted personnel assigned to the Naval Health Clinic should report to the Administration office at the Naval Health Clinic, 410-293-1336.


All officer and enlisted personnel assigned to the Naval Academy Band should report to the Administration office/Band Room at 101 Buchanan Road, 410-293-3282.


To request a sponsor please email- Enlisted personnel: , Midshipmen:

Base Population

There are 4,400 midshipmen on base.