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Naval Academy Annapolis 

Coeducational federal service academy
121 Blake Rd, Annapolis, MD 21402

The United States Naval Academy is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. It was established in 1845, in Annapolis, Maryland. It is the second oldest and most important service among the five service academies in the country. It aims to take over regular people and train them to become the finest and most advanced officers in both the Marine Corps and the US Navy. The local campus spreads over 137 ha. It was built on the remains of the disestablished Fort Severn. The location kept many of the old buildings and became a National Historic Landmark. Aside from the original buildings, you can also find historic monuments and sites. The course takes four years.

In order to join the academy, the aspirants must apply on site, but also come up with a nomination. Such nominations are often taken from congressmen. When accepted, the students become officers in training. There are around 1,300 applicants joining the academy on a yearly basis. However, only about 1,000 resist to the end and graduate. The academy is available for everyone. The students don’t have to pay anything, as the tuition is free. In exchange, they must serve for a particular number of years once they graduate. When they graduate, the students usually end up as second lieutenants for the Marine Corps or ensigns in the US Navy. At the same time, those who are accepted must support, accept and obey the Honor Concept.

Naval Academy was founded by George Bancroft in 1845. The campus was established around it, on the remains of an old fort. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on October, 10-th, same year. There were fifty students back then and only seven professors. During the first years, the academy implied five years of studies. The first and the last years were always taken in school, while the middle three were spent on water.

One of the harshest moments in the history of the academy was the American Civil War, when it was basically disrupted. Although still studying, most of the students were sent to fight, while the authorities tried to move the institution. They managed to do it partially. Prior to World War I, Naval Academy experienced a few records, such as the first Hispanic American or the first Japanese to graduate.
A more important role was played throughout World War II, when thousands of aspirants graduated and were sent directly on the field. The academy always raised to the expectations, especially during harsh and problematic times for the United States of America. It didn’t deal with professional training and education only. Instead, it is also famous for holding various ceremonies and events.



When studying at Naval Academy, the students have a wide variety of recreational activities to choose from for the free time. The athletics is among the most common ones. The American football and baseball are two of the oldest traditions on site. The musical performance, advertising, media, theatrical activities or diving are just as popular. It only depends on each student’s preferences.

Base Population

The overall population in Annapolis is 39,321.