Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos

40th Infantry Division
11206 Lexington Dr, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Joint Forces Los Alamitos Sign

Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos is a joint base in Los Alamitos, California in Orange County. The Joint Forces Training Base is home to the California National Guard which includes the 40th Infantry Division, the Los Alamitos Army Airfield, and the Sunburst Youth Academy. The Base is surrounded by residential and commercial properties and three different golf courses and spans across 1,319 acres. JFTB Los Alamitos is less than seven miles from Seal Beach and the Pacific Ocean.


JFTB has an MWR with billeting, a pub, and a banquet hall. The pub, known as Fiddler’s Green, is the last remaining military pub in Orange County. The base features a full motion UH-1 Flight Simulator and a fully staffed Army Air Traffic contingent. This includes an Army Air Traffic Control Tower and staff, jet fuel farm with aviation refueling, crash rescue/fire department and an Army Aviation Weather Office.


The base has two runways, a 5,900ft PEM nonskid surface and an 8,000ft concrete and asphalt runway. The base is one of the most active Department of Defense aviation operations in the Continental United States and is located in one of the most congested air spaces in the world. The runways at Joint Forces Training Base can handle almost every single aircraft in the United States inventory, regularly landing large cargo transports and has space for up to 10 C-5 Cargo plans to be parked simultaneously on the ramp area.


Currently several Army National Guard units call the base home including Headquarters 63rd Regional Support Command, California Army National Guard’s 40th Infantry division and the 40th Aviation Brigade. The 40th Aviation Brigade has over 60 helicopters at the facility including AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopters, OH-58C Scouts, UH-60 Blackhawks and UH-1H Hueys. The Army Reserve has several C-12 airplanes at the base and the Department of Agriculture operates 12 aircraft out of the facility.


The primary mission of the Joint Forces Training Base is to provide a safe and up to Army standard operational airfield, storage and repair facility for use by all branches of the United States Armed Services. This includes both active duty and reserve components in addition to other Federal, State and City agencies.

Arriving at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos
The closest airport to JFTB is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX / KLAX). It has international and domestic flights from Los Angeles, California and is 26 miles from Los Alamitos, CA.

Base Population
There are about 7,000 Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, contract personnel, and civilian personnel assigned to Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos.