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MCSF New Orleans

US Marine Corps Forces Reserve, US Marne Corps Forces North, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Logistics Group, Force Headquarters Group
2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70146

Support Facility New Orleans

MCSF New Orleans is a United States military facility. The 29-acre compound was found in June 2011 in a historic neighborhood of Algiers, a suburb of the City of New Orleans. The main building, Lt. Col. Joseph J. McCarthy, contains all administrative and support functions for all of the tenant commands under the lead of the Commanding Officer Colonel Derrick R. Heyl.


Arriving at MCSF New Orleans
The closest major airport is Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY / KMSY). This airport is 15 miles from the center of New Orleans.


Parking at the Facility is limited and restricted.  All visitors and check-ins must park on the first deck of the parking garage (entrances on O’Bannon St. and Sanctuary Dr.) and route through the Visitor’s Center on the southeast side of the installation. 


As a new arrival, you will not be able to access or park inside the facility (unless previously coordinated).  All access to the facility is controlled and requires a pass.  After parking your vehicle, please proceed to the Visitor’s Center (indicated above) to receive your visitor’s pass.  Once you have your pass, please proceed to the first floor of the McCarthy building to begin your check-in process.  


All personnel checking in during normal working hours will first check in with their respective MSC G-1 in order to receive a reporting endorsement.  Then the member and sponsor will come down to the IPAC to complete their audit, be issued a check-in sheet, and start the check-in process.  It is highly recommended that you immediately get your permanent personnel Common Access Badge (CAB) from the Security Management Office.  This badge will give you access to the facility, the building and specified work spaces. 


Members arriving after working hours or on non-work days must contact the OOD and/or DNCO and arrange to meet up with one of those individuals on duty to get their orders and the duty logbook annotated with the date and time of the member’s arrival.  Service members arriving between 1700 – 2200 will be assigned a barracks room by the Barracks 562 Front Desk Staff (504) 678-7054.  For those arriving after 2200, there is on-base lodging available at the Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (504) 678-3419 aboard NASJRB Belle Chasse.  If NGIS is unavailable, the Federal City Inn (504) 366-7408 as well as numerous other local hotels are options for temporary lodging.  Ensure you receive receipts from any hotels in the local area – the receipt will be used to receive a statement of non-availability from the HQBN S-4 Enlisted Barracks Manager, if required.


Marines reporting in for duty during working hours should be in the Service “A” uniform.

Base Population
There are active duty, military families, DoD personnel, civilians, and retirees assigned to MCSF New Orleans.