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Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base

II Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Special Operations Command
40 Brewster Blvd., Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-2519

Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune  is a United States military training facility in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  The installation is located in Onslow County and spans across 153,439 acres. Camp Lejeune and the City of Jacksonville are adjacent to the New River flowing to the Onslow Beach area. The base contains 14 miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean, making it a major area for amphibious assault training, and its location between two deep-water ports (Wilmington and Morehead City) allows for fast deployments. The main base is supplemented by six satellite facilities: Marine Corps Air Station New River, Camp Geiger, Stone Bay, Courthouse Bay, Camp Johnson, and the Greater Sandy Run Training Area.


The mission of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is to support the various Marine Corps commands, a major Navy command and a Coast Guard command, as well as the Marine Corps Base (MCB) itself. Camp Lejeune owns all the real estate, operates entry level and career level formal schools, and provides support and training for tenant commands. Camp Lejeune with its various satellite camps, housing, training areas and New River Air Station is the largest concentration of marines and sailors in the world. Since September 1941, Camp Lejeune has been the home of “Expeditionary Forces in Readiness”, and throughout the years, it has become the home base for the II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Marine Logistics Group and other combat units and support commands.

Arriving at Camp Lejeune
The closest airport is Albert Ellis Airport located 25 miles from base.


Directions from Albert Ellis Airport:
From Airport Road, turn right onto Catherine Lake Road to Hwy 24. Follow Camp Lejeune signs to the Main Gate.


Upon arrival at the main gate, proceed to the Welcome Center located on the right (building 818) to obtain a visitor pass.


All personnel reporting to Camp Lejeune must report to the Joseph Randy Reichler Reception Center, Molly Pitcher Road, Bldgs 59 and 60. Because each unit has a different procedure for processing for its personnel, no specific information can be given as to the actual procedures. Ensure you bring with you your orders and report in the service “A” uniform. Make sure your orders are endorsed with the date and time of arrival. It is also a good idea to bring your travel log to help when filling out your travel claim.


Personnel who arrive on the weekend or a holiday should have original orders endorsed by the duty officer located in the Joseph Randy Reichler Reception Center, Bldg. 59/60, Molly Pitcher Road, 910-451-8609.


All military members are required to attend a mandatory Marine Corps Base Commander’s Welcome Aboard brief upon check-in. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Briefs are held Monday – Friday, once a day starting at 8:45 a.m. If you plan to take leave immediately upon arrival, it is important that you check into the command first.


Reminder: Visit the MCCS Information and Referral office in Building 60, rooms 152 and 153 to assist with your relocation. Inquire about the use of the Loan Locker. Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 910-450-8486 building 84.

Base Population
There are over 100,575 active duty, military families, DoD personnel, civilians, and retirees assigned to Camp Lejeune.