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MC Mobilization Command Kansas City


15303 Andrews Rd, Kansas City, MO 64147

Mobilization Command

Mobilization Command Kansas City doesn’t have a very long history. In fact, its history belongs to the Reserve Support Command, which was restructured in 2004. It was also renamed to what it is today during the same year. On the other hand, the Marine Corps Reserve benefits from a longer history. It was established in the summer of 1916. It deals with training and support missions during both peace and war times. It is structured in five large branches. The headquarters of the command is located in Kansas City, Missouri.


Marine Corps Mobilization Command is the general and most important branch operated by the United States Marine Corps Reserves. The installation is relatively new in the armed military. It showed up in 2004, after the Reserve Support Command was fully restructured and got a brand new face. The whole change was over in 2005. These days, the MC Reserves represents the widest command in the Marine Corps. The headquarters itself hosts not less than 40,000 individuals and close to 200 centers spread around the United States of America.


The primary mission of MC Mobilization Command is to deal with the reserve units in the Marine Corps. The units must constantly be ready to step in whenever the situation arises. They are supposed to be reinforced and become active during wars or other emergency situations. Other than that, during piece times, the units must stay fit and provide help for the surrounding communities when needed. Toys for Tots, for example, is one of the programs designed for the less fortunate human communities. The Marine Corps Reserves gather money or donate toys to those families who are not wealthy enough to provide such gifts to their kids for Christmas. However, this is just one program out of a wide variety of similar actions.

Arriving at Marine Corps Mobilization Command Kansas City
The closest major airport to Kansas City, Missouri is Kansas City International Airport (MCI / KMCI).
This airport is 20 miles from the center of Kansas City, MO.

Base Population
There are active duty, military families, DoD personnel, civilians, and retirees assigned to Mobilization Command Kansas City.