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Marine Corps Base Camp Johnson

Recruit Training
911 Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Camp Lejeune

Camp Johnson is a United States Marine Corps base in North Carolina and is a satellite facility of Camp Lejeune.  The entrance to Camp Johnson is the site of the Beirut Memorial, the North Carolina Veterans Cemetery, and the Vietnam Memorial. The Beirut Memorial was constructed in remembrance of the 273 Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors who lost their lives in Beirut and Grenada in 1983. Camp Johnson is situated on Montford Point, the site of recruit training for the first African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps, known as “Montford Point Marines”.


Camp Johnson is the home of Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS) which consists of four MOS producing schools, four tenant commands, and one other Marine Corps O6 level Command which reports to the Commanding General of Training Command, Field Medical Training Battalion-East (FMTB-E). The purpose of Camp Johnson is to conduct formal resident training for officers and enlisted personnel in the occupational fields of logistics, motor transport, personnel administration, supply, and financial management ( accounting and disbursing), as well as to conduct instructional management and combat water survival swim training. In addition to training Marines, Camp Johnson also houses the Field Medical Training Battalion, which trains corpsmen and religious program specialists of the Navy. The commanding officer of MCCSSS also serves as the area commander of Camp Johnson, and provides administrative support to various tenant commands.

Arriving at Camp Johnson
The closest airport is Albert Ellis Airport located 25 miles from base.  Taxis are available for transportation services.


Directions from Albert Ellis Airport:
From Airport Road, turn right onto Catherine Lake Road to Hwy 24. Follow Camp Lejeune signs to the Main Gate.


Upon arrival at the main gate, proceed to the Welcome Center located on the right (building 818) to obtain a visitor pass.


Permanent personnel checking into Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools during normal working hours (0730-1630) should report to the Personnel Administrative Center (PAC) located in building M130. After normal working hours, report to the Area Officer of the Day (AOOD) in building M131. Personnel will be directed to check in at the PAC on the next business day.


Permanent Personnel Officers, SNCOs and married Marines (sergeants and below):

Temporary Lodging: There are five bachelor officer quarters located around the Camp Lejeune/NewRiver complex: Paradise Point, Camp Geiger, MCAS New River, Courthouse Bay and Camp Johnson. For information and pricing call (910) 451-2146 or 451-1385.

The Hospitality Inn is available as a home away from home for those new to the area. The Inn has 90 rooms with two double beds, kitchenette, TV, VCR, cable, laundry facilities on the premises and other nice amenities like irons and coffee pots. The Inn is open 24 hours a day. Sorry no pets allowed. The Inn is located on Holcomb Blvd., Bldg 896. For more information please call (910) 451- 3041.

Permanent Personnel (Privates through Sergeants):

The BEQ office is located in M457. Linens, maintenance issues, and light bulbs can be acquired at the company BEQ office.



Reporting In During Normal Working Hours (M-F 0700-1700):

Entry Level Students will check in at MAT Platoon Bldg M-440.

Career Level Students will report to the Personnel Administration Center (PAC) bldg. M-130 and then will report to their respective school wearing the Service “A” uniform.

Reporting in after normal working hours:

Entry Level Students will check in at MAT Platoon Bldg M-440.

Career Level Students will report to the MCCSSS OOD at Bldg M-131 in the Service “A” uniform.



Entry Level Students attending instruction at MCCSSS will be assigned government quarters during the duration of their course.

Career Level Students: (TAD to attend instruction at MCCSSS)

Sergeants and Below: will be assigned government quarters during the duration of their course.

SNCOs: Will use the BEQ aboard Camp Johnson, the BEQ Management Office is located in Bldg M-231 the POC contact number is 910-456-7073. Billeting space for the BEQ is on a first come, first serve basis aboard Camp Johnson. Once occupancy is full, you will need to report to bldg. HP-51 aboard Camp Lejeune for billeting. Contact number is 910-451-5336, 910-456-1080 or 910-453-9153, their website is

Officers: Note, some billeting has changed due to the impact of hurricane Florence. Student Officers should make contact with their schools first. Will use the BOQ aboard Camp Johnson, the BOQ Management Office is located in Bldg M-231, the contact number is 910-456-7073. Once occupancy is full, you will need to report to bldg. 2617 aboard Camp Lejeune for billeting. Contact number is 910-451-1385/2146, their website is

If there is no availability of billeting at the BOQ or BEQ aboard Camp Johnson or Camp Lejeune you must receive a “Statement of Non-Availability” or “Certified Non-Availability Number” from the installation lodging facility.

Misc Info:

Funding for a rental car is the responsibility of the attendee’s parent command.

Students TAD to MCCSSS must utilize their parent command to resolve issues related to the Defense Travel System (DTS).

Base Population
There are over 100,575 active duty, military families, DoD personnel, civilians, and retirees assigned to Camp Johnson and Camp Lejeune.