Air Force Wings

Joint Reserve Base Ellington Field

147th Attack Wing
510 Ellington Field  Houston, TX  77034
ellington field

Ellington Field JRB was constructed as an Army air strip in 1917 in Houston, Texas. It was named after Lt. Eric Lamar Ellington, an Army pilot killed four years earlier in a plane crash in San Diego, California.


The Texas Air National Guard’s 147th Reconnaissance Wing operates as the host unit for EFJRB due to the aviation focus of the installation, as well as due to the Texas ANG’s position as the primary military tenant over much of the base’s history. However, the Army Reserve’s 75th Training Command, led by a major general is the senior military headquarters on the installation, and the Navy has the largest reserve troop presence. 


It also houses all five military branches of the DoD – Army, Navy, and Marine Reserve units, Army and Air National Guard, as well as the Coast Guard under the Department of Homeland Security.

Arriving at JRB Ellington Field.
When you arrive at your new installation, you’ll need to follow installation-specific procedures. Each installation and service handles in-processing differently.  Leading up to and during your permanent change of station (PCS), it is important to maintain contact with your sponsor and provide them with your anticipated arrival information. 
Important papers should not be packed with your household goods or hold baggage. Plan to take the following items with you: ID cards, PCS orders, passports, leave authorizations, shot records for you and your family, medical records, all documents pertaining to the shipment of household goods including your personal inventory and/or pictures of your possessions, appraisals for valuable items, last leave and earnings statement, Power of Attorney (check expiration date), wills, bank books, state and federal tax records, deeds and mortgages, professional licenses, car registration, spouse resume and last pay statement, list of stocks and bonds, social security cards, school records for children, letters of credit for utility waivers, original birth and adoption records, and naturalization records. 

Base Population

There are 309 Full Time military personnel as well as 615 Part Time Reservists stationed at JRB Ellington Field.