Coast Guard Intelligence

2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE , Washington, D.C. 20593-7301

Coast Guard Headquarters Coast Guard Intelligence

Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI) is the military intelligence branch of the United States Coast Guard, and a component of the Central Security Service of the United States Department of Defense. CGI is currently designated as part of the CG-2 directorate of Coast Guard headquarters, located in Washington D.C.  The modern Coast Guard Intelligence program has cultivated extensive relationships and partnerships with other elements of the Intelligence Community to provide timely, tailored support in a wide range of Coast Guard and national missions. These missions include port security, search and rescue, maritime safety, counter-narcotics, alien migration interdiction, and living marine resources protection. The Coast Guard Counterintelligence Service (CGCIS) falls under Coast Guard Intelligence and protects the Coast Guard from foreign agents who might attempt to penetrate their ranks or compromise their operations. This involves intelligence collection and analysis.


The U.S. Coast Guard’s Intelligence Unit conducts intelligence activities to provide timely, objective, relevant, and actionable maritime intelligence to drive operations, enable mission support, and inform decision-making for Coast Guard and Homeland Security missions and National Security requirements. Their vision is a nation safeguarded by an intelligence-driven Coast Guard. Coast Guard Intelligence personnel are integrated into Coast Guard commands at every level. Groups of intelligence personnel attached to a unit comprise an “intelligence component.” Coast Guard Intelligence components bring three unique and critical characteristics to the intelligence and law enforcement communities: Maritime Access, Maritime Emphasis, and Maritime Expertise.

Arriving at the Coast Guard Intelligence Headquarters
The closest major airport is the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport located about 7 miles from headquarters.

Base Population
The United States Coast Guard Headquarters has a workforce of over 4,000 employees, with approximately 1,500 active duty and civilians in the Coast Guard Intelligence.