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US Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command Alexandria


7325 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria, VA 20598

Alexandria, VA

US Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command Alexandria provides communication support to the United States Coast Guard including electronics, telecommunications and information systems. TISCOM is divided into ten divisions; Administration, Ceremonial Honor Guard, Facilities Engineering, Workstation Engineering, INFOSYS Operations, Information Assurance, Telecommunications Operations, Network Engineering, Radio Systems and Defense Message System.


TISCOM is one of the units the United States Coast Guard is responsible for. The command has multiple centers spread throughout the United States. The headquarters is located in Alexandria – in the northeastern part of Virginia.


TISCOM may not be involved in the field operations of the United States Coast Guard, but its purpose may be even more important. The unit makes sure the US Coast Guard benefits from the latest, most advanced and modern telecommunication systems in the world – including voice transfer and computerized transfers. The signal is never interrupted, ensuring a proper communication between all the facilities, installations, stations, units and military troops.


This mission covers a wide variety of operations. The data systems are just as important, while the proper coordination of the military troops in action is vital for the successful rate of each operation.


TISCOM is by far one of the most advanced centers. It is at the forefront of technological systems. These experts work on developing new systems, while they also implement the latest technologies. They are easily able to handle today’s missions, while looking to foresee and prepare for tomorrow’s operations. The peak of technology that describes this unit gave it an extra mission over the years – fighting and preventing technological crimes. Decades ago, such things were not even given attention because they were not as popular. These days, they represent some of the most severe crimes – therefore, this unit tries to combat them in a very effective way. In order to fulfill this second mission, it works in a tight collaboration with other major agencies.

Arriving at US Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command
From Richmond, VA:
Go North on Interstate 95. Take exit 166 (Newington, Fairfax County Parkway) and go South on the Fairfax County Parkway. Take the Telegraph Road exit and turn left at the light after exiting. Continue on Telegraph Road for a few miles. You will pass the Telegraph Road entrance to Fort Belvoir, and then about 1/2 a mile later, Hayfield High School. TISCOM will be 2 blocks away on your right after you pass Hayfield High School.


From DC/Maryland:
From Interstate 95/495, take Exit 176A (Telegraph Road), Rte 611 South. TISCOM is approximately five miles and will be on your left