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US Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral


9235 Grouper Rd., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Station Port Canaveral

US Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral’s area of operations within the Seventh District and Sector Jacksonville encompasses 45 miles of coastline out to 30 nautical miles near the Kennedy Space Center and historic Cape Canaveral, as well as the Banana and Indian rivers. In addition to normal duties of search and rescue, law enforcement, homeland security and marine environmental protection, Coast Guard Port Canaveral supports NASA and the Air Force by providing security zone enforcement for space shuttle and unmanned rocket launches.


Port Canaveral is also the second largest cruise ship port in the world (per passengers) and the station is an integral part of security for the local cruise industry. The station is equipped with one 45 RBM and four RBS-II’s. Also located at Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral are the CG Cutters Vigilant, Confidence and Moray as well as Marine Safety Detachment Port Canaveral and Electronic Support Detachment Port Canaveral. The unit’s missions include, but are not limited to: Port Security (cruise ship and submarine escorts), Search and rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE) and Security of the Space Transportation System/NASA.


Sector Jacksonville was established on August 16, 2005 from the reorganization and consolidation of Group Mayport, Base Mayport. Sector Jacksonville is located on six acres of land adjacent Naval Station Mayport, along the St. Johns River in Mayport, FL. The mission of Sector Jacksonville is to provide unified command and control for accomplishing Coast Guard mission objectives. Sectors provide strategically guided, goal focused, and high performance service delivery across the full range of Coast Guard missions.


Sector Jacksonville’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) encompasses 40,000 square miles of ocean and inland waterways. Within the Sector’s AOR are 190 miles of coastline stretching from King’s Bay, GA to Port Malabar, FL. Along this coastline are 10 inlets, most of which provide safe passage to inland waterways. Inland waters within the AOR include 248 miles of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), 161 miles of the St. John’s River, and numerous rivers, creeks, and marshes.


To cover this diverse and challenging AOR, Sector Jacksonville utilizes Multi-Mission Station Mayport, Station Ponce de Leon Inlet, and Station Port Canaveral, FL. In addition, Sector Jacksonville is parent command to five cutters, MARIA BRAY, SAWFISH, RIDLEY, SHRIKE, HAMMER, two Aids to Navigation teams located at Ponce de Leon and Jacksonville Beach and MSD Canaveral.


Located within Sector Jacksonville’s AOR are five Department of Defense installations, U.S. Eastern Space and Missile Center, the Naval Ordnance Test Unit and Kennedy Space Center.


Sector Jacksonville is responsible for all Coast Guard missions in the Jacksonville Captain of the Port (COTP) zone and AOR including Search and Rescue, Ports Waterways and Coastal Security, Waterways Management, Maritime Homeland Security, Marine Science Activities, Aids to Navigation, and finally Command and Logistical Support.

Arriving at US Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral
The nearest major airport is Melbourne International Airport (MLB / KMLB). This airport has domestic flights from Melbourne, Florida and is 42 miles from the center of Port Canaveral.


Another major airport is Orlando International Airport (MCO / KMCO), which has international and domestic flights from Orlando, Florida and is 46 miles from Port Canaveral.


Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB / KSFB) has international and domestic flights from Sanford, Florida and is 61 miles from Port Canaveral.