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ANT Port O’Connor  

2307 A West Maple Street Port O’Connor, TX 78982

ANT Port O'Connor

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Located on Matagorda Bay, ANT Port O’Connor’s primary mission is the maintenance and proper operation of aids to navigation from the Colorado River to Sundown Bay. ANT Port O’Connor supports maritime commerce through the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway and Matagorda Ship Channel.


Among the many missions handled by the Coast Guard Air Station, search and rescue missions have the highest priority. As of 1980, the Air Station, which maintained a 24-hour capability to quickly launch an HH-52A helicopter or an HU-25A fanjet, averaged over 400 rescue cases a year. The station operated a total of three HH-52A helicopters and three HU-25A fanjets. Typical rescue missions included: searches for overdue vessels; assisting boats on fire, sinking or disabled; and medical evacuations from offshore oil rigs and vessels.


The Station’s aircrews frequently flew throughout the Group area on many missions other than search and rescue. These missions include marine environmental protection, federal fisheries law enforcement and drug interdiction. Air Station crews enforced federal fisheries laws by flying frequent patrols throughout the U.S. fisheries conservation zone, which extended 200 miles offshore. Close coordination was maintained with the Air Station’s resident special agent from the National Marine Fisheries Service.
Marine drug interdiction was a joint mission of the Coast Guard Air Station, other federal agencies and the vessels assigned to the Group. In addition to local drug interdiction patrols, Air Station aircraft and crews also frequently deployed outside the South Texas area as far away as Florida and the Caribbean Sea to work with other Coast Guard units on law enforcement missions.

Arriving at Port O’Connor
The closest major airport to Port O’Connor, Texas is Victoria Regional Airport (VCT / KVCT). This airport is in Victoria, Texas and is 54 miles from the center of Port O’Connor, TX.

Base Population The overall population in Port O’Connor, Texas is 1253