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US Coast Guard ISC Miami

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100 MacArthur Causeway, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Coast Guard Station Miami Beach

US Coast Guard ISC Miami is one of the few similar commands run by the United States Coast Guard throughout the country. Just like the other centers, this one is responsible for the military troops – both active and retired – who need specific services. Each center supports a particular area. The one in Miami deals with the 7th Division, which is also stationed there.


Some of the similar centers were established long ago – during World War II. ISC Miami is one of the new ones. It was commissioned in the spring of 1996. It was formed through the merge of a local military base and a few administrative services that were serving the 7th District. Aside from the administrative services, there are a lot of financial buildings as well.


Starting in the year 2000, multiple US Coast Guard facilities, including this one, were put through a massive restructuring process. Although the modernization program was decided right after the process began, the full changes were actually adopted by 2009. In the autumn of 2009, ISC Miami was split into three different units and services. The most important one is the BSU – Base Support Unit. It deals with the general necessities of the military troops and their families. Other than that, the PSSU – Personnel Services and Support Unit – is responsible for particular necessities of the troops only. In the end, the health care system was not left behind. Therefore, the third unit – Safety Work-life Field – manages all the health requirements of the Coast Guard base it supports. All in all, after the restructuring process, the service is now better organized and more effective.

Arriving at US Coast Guard ISC Miami
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