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US Coast Guard ISC Kodiak Island


N-38 Cape Sarichef, Kodiak, AK 99619

Kodiak Base

USCG ISC Kodiak Island is currently the largest operating installation run by the United States Coast Guard. It spreads over 23,000 acres and holds another record for the one and only base in the US Coast Guard that can support and host both aircrafts and ships. Some of the most important ships hosted include Munro, Spar and Alex Haley.


The history of ISC Kodiak dates back to the times before World War II. It all started with NAS Kodiak, an installation established by the United States Navy and commissioned on June, 15-th, 1941. The base was set up as an answer to World War II, which was already running in Europe. The United States of America already knew they were about to step in, so the country was empowered with dozens of similar installations. After World War II ended, the base was turned into a detachment, but still under the United States Navy. The move was made in the spring of 1947. One aircraft, seven experienced pilots and thirty other workers were deployed on site.


About 25 years later, in 1972, the site was turned into what it is today. The modernization process began around 2000, when multiple installations owned by the United States Coast Guard were taken through a round of improvements and upgrades. This is when ISC Kodiak was split into the three major branches that form it today.


The primary mission at ISC Kodiak is to support all the operations and objectives of the United States Coast Guard, whether they imply ice patrolling, oil spills hunting, search and rescue missions or law enforcement activities. The activity is very intense on site – especially due to the active oil companies in the area – not to mention the cold weather and ice areas that must be constantly monitored. The installation supports all the cutters relocated in the Pacific area whenever they require help or maintenance.


There are not less than thirteen units hosted at ISC Kodiak. They are also part of the mission. The facilities must be kept at the highest standards – not just because this is the largest facility in the US Coast Guard, but also because of its important role and domination over the surrounding bases.

Arriving at ISC Kodiak Island
You can get here by ferry in nine hours from Homer, which is 4-5 hours drive from Anchorage. Ferry travel needs to be arranged well in advance and is not frequent. For these reasons, flying is your best choice for getting to Kodiak. You can get here in just 1 hour and 10 minutes on Alaska Airlines (typically 1-2 flights daily) or regional air carrier Ravn Alaska (typically 2-3 flights daily).


Be aware – Kodiak can get socked in by weather, which may delay your flight in or out of town.

Base Population
There are over 3,500 active duty, retired military, DHS, civilians and family members assigned to ISC Kodiak Island.