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US Coast Guard Marine Safety Lab Groton


1 Chelsea Street
, New London, CT 06320

New London, CT

USCG Marine Safety Lab is by far one of the most important facilities the United States Coast Guard owns and runs. The lab is actually one of the multitude of centers established for a wide variety of purposes. This is the American armed force with the highest number of centers and institutions. There is one for absolutely any mission, regardless of its importance. This aspect says a lot about the strict organization of the United States Coast Guard. This is probably the solution to the effectiveness of its operations and missions. This lab is solely responsible for the maritime and marine safety. It is a dedicated institution that takes all the information the US Coast Guard needs in order to fulfill its mission. Just like other similar institutions in this armed force, the lab is also located in New London, Connecticut. One major aspect that makes the difference between this center and others is the fact that it is also open for civilian use.


Marine Safety Lab is one of the definitive factors that dictate some of the US Coast Guard actions. Its primary mission is to test the US waters. The operations imply small samples taken from various areas. They are collected and sent to this laboratory for detailed and advanced tests. The authorities can then observe whether the water is contaminated or not. The contamination can occur from various reasons. Some of the most popular ones are the oil spills. Of course, the severe such accidents can easily be spotted during the patrolling missions, as the black spots are visible both from air or water. However, the less significant spills may get away unobserved. At the same time, the large accidents may also run away unobserved if the patrolling squads don’t randomly run into them. Such man-caused accidents are the most dangerous ones, especially since many companies try to get away from the laws and punishments when they cause such trouble.

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Groton–New London Airport (IATA: GON, ICAO: KGON, FAA LID: GON) is a state owned, public use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) southeast of the central business district of Groton.