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US Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City

Aviation Logistics Center, Aviation Technical Training Center, Air Station Elizabeth City, Small Boat Station Elizabeth City, C27J APO, National Strike Force (NSF)
1664 Weeksville Rd., Elizabeth City, NC 27909


US Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City is a military facility located in the city with the same name. The facility is located in the local airport. It is operated by the US Coast Guard and is known to be one of the most important and useful installations in this military branch. It has the capacity to perform military actions in the Caribbean, Greenland or the Azores.


Air Station Elizabeth City was established in 1940. The location was picked in 1938 after authorities decided it was excellent for an air station. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on August 15th. The base was operated by only four officers, who had 52 military troops under their command. Three seaplanes, four landplanes and three amphibious aircraft were the only flying machines they could use back then.


World War II gave the United States Navy access over the facility. The SAR operations were just as popular back then, but the base also dealt with anti-submarine missions and training sessions for the young aspirants. The missions and objectives have changed along with the national priorities. In 1966, the installation saw a major expansion process. It basically “swallowed” two other US Coast Guard facilities – one in Bermuda and the other one in Newfoundland. The site expansion helped the officials expand their missions as well – not to mention their ability to provide better support.


Air Station Elizabeth City “starred” in a popular movie. Kevin Costner’s “The Guardian” was released in 2006 and most of the scenes were filmed on site. Some of them were doubled at a similar facility in Alaska.


Air Station Elizabeth City conducts operations in multiple areas around the United States – therefore it is an extremely busy facility. They are involved with a wide variety of missions. The Search And Rescue missions are likely the most important operations. The US Coast Guard is well known all over the world for this professional service. It aims to save as many lives as possible and reduce the physical damage. It is ready to respond around the clock. It benefits from a large network of ships, boats, aircrafts and cutters.


A second mission at Air Station Elizabeth City implies the international ice patrol. The experts locate the largest icebergs and keep the maritime experts informed on a regular basis. These operations were conducted soon after the Titanic disaster in 1913. The navigation is just as important. Without lighthouses, buoys, foghorns or other similar facilities, the system would not be as organized as it is today. It is an excellent system to help the mariners and warn them of any potential dangers.


Located in the heart of Northeastern North Carolina, Base Elizabeth City provides a wide variety of mission support services to units and personnel, including general administration and personnel management, medical/dental, supply, procurement and warehousing, industrial services, facilities maintenance, computer/electronics support as well as morale and recreational services. Base Elizabeth City coordinates and provides regional mission support activities within the Fifth Coast Guard District. The Base is a regional command that provides logistics, engineering, administrative, financial, purchasing, and health care services to Coast Guard units throughout North Carolina. The Base Elizabeth staff maintains more than 880 acres of real estate, including runways, taxiways, airport traffic control tower, roadways, and more than 100 buildings.

Arriving at US Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City
The nearest major airport is Norfolk International Airport (ORF / KORF).


Another major airport is Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport(PHF / KPHF), which has domestic flights from Newport News, Virginia and is 80 miles from Elizabeth City, NC.