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Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi 

249 Glasson Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78406

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Sector Corpus Christi is a multi-mission unit aimed at: Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Ports and Waterways Security, Marine Safety, Drug and Migrant Interdiction, and Marine and Environmental Protection. In an average year we save 101 lives, assist 554 people, save $11 million in property, interdict 34 lanchas, prevent 5,500 lbs of drugs from reaching the streets, and interdict 130 illegal migrants.
One team for a safe, secure and prosperous South Texas: Leading the way to maritime safety and security while ensuring environmental and economical vitality.


Among the many missions handled by the Coast Guard Air Station, search and rescue missions have the highest priority. As of 1980, the Air Station, which maintained a 24-hour capability to quickly launch an HH-52A helicopter or an HU-25A fanjet, averaged over 400 rescue cases a year. The station operated a total of three HH-52A helicopters and three HU-25A fanjets. Typical rescue missions included: searches for overdue vessels; assisting boats on fire, sinking or disabled; and medical evacuations from offshore oil rigs and vessels.


The Station’s aircrews frequently flew throughout the Group area on many missions other than search and rescue. These missions include marine environmental protection, federal fisheries law enforcement and drug interdiction. Air Station crews enforced federal fisheries laws by flying frequent patrols throughout the U.S. fisheries conservation zone, which extended 200 miles offshore. Close coordination was maintained with the Air Station’s resident special agent from the National Marine Fisheries Service.


Marine drug interdiction was a joint mission of the Coast Guard Air Station, other federal agencies and the vessels assigned to the Group. In addition to local drug interdiction patrols, Air Station aircraft and crews also frequently deployed outside the South Texas area as far away as Florida and the Caribbean Sea to work with other Coast Guard units on law enforcement missions.


In the spring of 1986 the station’s HH-52s were replaced with new HH-65A Aerospatiale twin engine “Dolphin” helicopters. Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi was commissioned in May of 2005 by joining all the units within the area of Port Lavaca throughout Brownsville under one unified command. The purpose of combining all the Coast Guard units into one Sector was to better manage the sweeping changes affecting the Coast Guard since 11 September 2006. CAPT John H. Korn assumed command at the commissioning ceremony held for Sector Corpus Christi on 13 May 2005.


Sector Corpus Christi personnel annually conduct over 450 search and rescue cases, assist 554 people in distress, save 101 lives, save $11million in property, seize over 5,500 lbs of drugs and 22 small craft conducting smuggling and illegal fishing, interdict over 130 illegal immigrants, maintain 1,300 aids to navigation, manage the safe arrival of 2,700 commercial vessels, conduct 900 facility visits, investigate 230 marine related incidents, perform 375 vessel inspections, and provide support for 37 Coast guard cutters and boats in the Atlantic Area fleet.

Arriving at Corpus Christi The closest airport is the Corpus Christi International Airport located 0.8 miles from base.

Base Population
The overall population in Corpus Christi, Texas is 324,074