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US Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater

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15100 Rescue Way, Clearwater, FL 33762

USCG Air Station Clearwater

USCG Air Station Clearwater is one of the largest and most vital air stations in the Coast Guard network of bases and operates out of the Clearwater International Airport. The base is responsible not only for the air space and waters around Florida, but sectors of the Caribbean Basin, Gulf of Mexico and two air stations in the Bahamas – on Great Inagua and Andros Island. These facilities together serve in conjunction with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and U.S. Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by providing continual support in the form of HH-60J and MH-60T Jayhawk helicopters. These air assets help combat drug and human smuggling in US and international waters.


Prior to the establishment of USCG Air Station Clearwater, the Coast Guard constructed a small facility in western Florida in St. Petersburg. This small station was erected in 1934 and for the next several decades served as home for multiple amphibious and air assets. In 1976, the Coast Guard began adopting the new HC Hercules aircraft, which require substantially more runway and maintenance facilities. This required substantial expansion, but the limited land near the base prevented any promising development. As a result, the Coast Guard made the decision to expand into the nearby area of Clearwater, establishing what is now present day Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater.


In more recent years, Air Station Clearwater has played roles in major offensives like Operation Desert Storm and Operation Gulf Shield. Today, it continues to play major role in support, anti-smuggling and search and rescue missions across the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Seas.

Arriving at Air Station Clearwater
Air Station Clearwater operates out of the Clearwater Airport.


The St. Petersburg/Clearwater area is served by two international airports (St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport and Tampa Airport) and two general aviation airports, making flying in and out simple. With more than 30 airlines to accommodate your schedule, competitive rates and efficient facilities packed with amenities, our airports are worthy gatekeepers to paradise.

Base Population
USGC Air Station Clearwater employs over 600 active duty Coast Guard and civilian personnel in flight, support and surface roles.