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US Coast Guard Station Castle Hill Newport


75 Ridge Rd., Newport, RI 02840

Newport Bridge, Narragansett Bay

US Coast Guard Station Castle Hill is operated by the US Coast Guard. The primary purpose of the station includes overlooking the operations of the Coast Guard in Newport, RI. The station is responsible for search-and-rescue operations. Station Castle Hill also assists the Coast Guard in environmental protection programs. It has a ship docking facility and has some regular ships on the station, which includes USCGC Juniper and USS Bainbridge.


Following the destruction of the original Brenton Point station in its exposed location along the south shore of Newport, the decision was made to build a new station in a different location – with the site selected being next to the Castle Hill Lighthouse reservation on the east side of East Passage – at the entrance to Narragansett Bay. The architectural design selected was the then popular “Roosevelt style” station house, with a detached boathouse and marine railway located at the head of Castle Cove. This facility was completed and commissioned by the end of 1941. The rescue craft assigned to the station by that time consisted of: 36ft.8in. Type TRS motor lifeboat 5192/CG36453, 38ft. cabin picket boat No. 4310/CG38324, Race Point type pulling surfboat No. 2981/CG24010 (an older boat transferred in from closed Station Green Hill, RI), and dory No. 4673. With World War II and the potential for hostilities with Germany looming, the station later in 1941 re-acquired 38ft. cabin picket boat No. 2393/CG38309, which had been transferred to Station Point Judith, RI, for harbor patrol duties along with picket boat No. 4310/CG38324.


The station has a small two floor building – housing all equipment and staff. It has the light house – usually known as Castle Hill Light – built on the corner of the shore. The light house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1980 and is located on the Narragansett Bay. The light house offers marvelous sights of the sea and it is one of the most active locations of the US Coast Guard. It is widely used to monitor boats and ships entering Rhode Island.


The site of the light house once belonged to Alexander Agassiz from University of Harvard. The site was sold to the United States government for $1 after the hurricane of 1938.


The light house of Station Castle Hill is not open to public but it can be viewed from a distance and especially from Castle Hill Inn and Resort. It has a red light – instead of white – it flashes every eight seconds and can been seen from other islands as well.

Arriving at US Coast Guard Station Castle Hill
The nearest major airport is Theodore Francis Green Memorial State Airport (PVD / KPVD). This airport has domestic flights from Providence, Rhode Island and is 27 miles from the center of Newport, RI.


Another major airport is New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB / KEWB), which has domestic flights from New Bedford, Massachusetts and is 31 miles from Newport.


Getting from PVD to Newport by taxi, Uber, shuttle bus or RI Public Transit is easy, takes about a half hour by car, but getting around Newport probably requires a car or taxi.