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US Coast Guard Aviation Training Center

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8501 Tanner Williams Rd  Mobile, AL  36608

USCG Aviation Training Center

Mobile Coast Guard Aviation Training Center is an air base of the United States Coast Guard located at Mobile, Alabama, where it shares an airfield with the Mobile Regional Airport.  The base is also home to the Coast Guard National Strike Force’s Gulf Strike Team.


Aviation Training Center is responsible for all the US Coast Guard missions that can be taken inland. The most important ones include the SAR operations, as well as plenty of law enforcement activities. The logistical missions are just as important, especially since this installation cannot conduct ice patrolling, oil spills investigations or illegal immigrants actions. The training center is responsible for preparing some of the finest pilots in the force, as well as their proper certification. It is vital for these experts to provide the proper certificates according to the studies and experience of each pilot. The training courses are conducted on multiple aircrafts such as HH 65, HC 25, HC 130 (Hercules) or HH 60.


Its motto says “Semper Paratus”, which means the base is always ready to defend and fight.


The operations department, flies the HC-144A Ocean Sentry, which is a segment within the ATC command that conducts search and rescue, homeland security, and environmental protection missions. The operations department operates under the tactical control of the Eighth Coast Guard District and has an area of responsibility that extends from the Louisiana/Texas border to the eastern edge of the Florida panhandle.


The Gulf Strike Team is a specially trained unit was created in 1973 as a result of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, and is tasked with responding to natural and man-made pollution and hazard incidents such as oil discharge, hazardous materials released, weapons of mass destruction, and vessel salvage operations.

Arriving at Aviation Training Center
The closest major airport to Mobile, Alabama is Mobile Regional Airport (MOB / KMOB). This airport is 13 miles from the center of Mobile, AL.

Base Population

There are approximately 850 Coast Guard service members at USCG Aviation Training Center in Mobile.