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Aids to Navigation Team Puget Sound

1519 Alaskan Way S, Seattle, WA 98134

13th Coast Guard District

Aids to Navigation Team Puget Sound is located in the headquarters of Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound, as well as Coast Guard Base Seattle, in Seattle, Washington.  ANT Puget Sound maintains 129 aids to navigation in the Puget Sound region. This large area of responsibility (AOR) ranges from the International Border to Olympia through the Straights of Juan De Fuca and the Quillayute River along the Western Washington coast.  ANT Puget Sound is part of Coast Guard District 13.   The unit is composed of thirteen active duty personnel, two 21’ trailerable aids to navigation boats (TANBs), a Gator utility vehicle and three government vehicles. 


Each member of the team has a direct impact on the aids to navigation system and receives several weeks of training from the National Aids to Navigation school in Yorktown, VA. The crew of ANT Puget Sound spends a great deal of time both on the water and on the road transiting to their aids to perform routine maintenance, rebuild structures and upgrade power configurations.  The team’s daily operations are aimed at increasing the longevity and reliability of the aids for the mariners.


The ANT Puget Sound’s resources include two 21-foot trailerable aids to navigation boats, called TANBS, equipped with differential global positioning system (DGPS) monitors which are used to accurately place buoys and assist in navigation.

Arriving at Aids to Navigation Team Puget Sound
The closest airport is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport located 13.8 miles from Headquarters.

Base Population
There are approximately 20 active duty and reservists assigned to Aids to Navigation Team Puget Sound.