Army Star

Fort Wainwright Army Base

25th Infantry Division, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, USARAK Aviation Task Force
1060 Gaffney Rd #6600, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
United States Army Alaska (USARAK) units include the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, or 1/25th SBCT, as well as aviation units with the USARAK Aviation Task Force and supporting units such as Medical Department Activity Alaska, or MEDDAC-AK.
Fort Wainwright’s mission is to deploy combat ready forces to support joint military operations worldwide and serve as the Joint Force Land Component Command to support Joint Task Force Alaska.
Their strategic location, superior training capabilities and dynamic relationship with the local civilian communities make Fort Wainwright and the United States Army in Alaska a significant national asset and world-class power projection platform for military operations anywhere in the world.
The fort was initially built in 1939. It belonged to the air force troops and was designed to test various equipments and weapons under arctic and extreme weather conditions. After World War II, the post was taken over by the army and its name was changed to what it is today, in the memory of general Jonathan W. Wainwright.
It is part of the Fairbanks, Alaska Metropolitan Statistical Area. Since 1978 Fort Wainwright has been investigating and cleaning up soil and water contamination from a landfill and drum burial site, fuel terminal, coal storage yard/fire training pits, open detonation area and underground storage tanks. It was Superfund-listed in 1990.

Arriving at Fort Wainwright

Fairbanks International Airport is approximately 106 miles from Fort Wainwright going north on AK-3. 
At the main entrance to Fort Greely is the Visitors Center. Because Fort Greely is a Missile Defense site with a high level of security, depending on your status, you may be required to have someone sponsor you or have the correct ID. The Visitors Center hours of operation are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. For information on accessing the post, you can call them at 907-873-3660.  
On receipt of orders to Alaska, contact your local transportation office. Start planning your move well in advance. Shipping your personal property to Alaska normally takes 30 to 40 days, depending on how much you have and where you ship it from. ​

Base Population

There are 5.108 soldiers, 5,798 dependents, and 1,188 civilian personnel assigned to Fort Wainwright Army Base.