Camp Stanley

 502d Air Base Wing, Air Education and Training Command
6457 Camp Bullis Rd  San Antonio, TX  78257
camp stan

Camp Stanley is an Army arms depot in central Texas. Just north of San Antonio, Camp Stanley (CSSA) is a storage activity center once called Camp Funston but renamed Camp Bullis. The primary goal of CSSA is to receive, store and issue ordnance materials and ensure the quality of military weapons and ammunition testing. Weapons training and qualifying tests are also held at CSSA. As a subpost of the San Antonio Arsenal, it was run as a facility for ammunition storage and functions apart of the Red River Army Depot. It serves as a weapons supply, ammunitions supply, maintenance facility, test and storage activity center. It operates as part of Camp Bullis as well. Camp Stanley has a long history with the area surrounding San Antonio and continues to be a vital part of US military operations. Today the post comprises 4,000 acres with 630,000 square feet for storage and testing. Recently, it was revealed that the CIA also holds a presence at Camp Stanley.

There have also been several controversies surrounding Camp Stanley due to its treatment of chemical weapons, old ammunition and weapon elimination programs. Much of the area has been selected for chemical weapons treatments in order to rid the land of chemical waste and poisoning. Multiple individuals have spoken out about CSSA’s deadly problems including a former CIA agent who was persecuted for revealing Camp Stanley’s problems with ammunition dumping. He tells the story of living in a house buried on top of buried ammunition.

Arriving at Camp Stanley
Once you arrive, report to your Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) to sign in. You will be provided a schedule of required in-processing appointments including your date to attend the Newcomers Orientation briefing which is mandatory.
Once you arrive at Fort Bullis, report to your Commander Support Staff (CSS) with your sealed records. Upon signing in with your unit, you will be scheduled for required in processing appointments.

Base Population

4,137 active duty, civilian contractors, family members and veterans.