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Fort Rucker Army Base

1st Aviation Brigade; 110th Aviation Brigade, 23d Flying Training Sqdn
453 Novosel Street, Fort Rucker, AL 36362

Fort Rucker Army Base

Fort Rucker is a U.S. Army post located mostly in Dale County, Alabama with some small sections of the post are also in Coffee, Geneva, and Houston counties. The main post has entrances from three bordering cities, Daleville, Ozark and Enterprise.


The original name of the post was Ozark Triangular Division Camp, but before the camp was officially opened on 1 May 1942, the War Department named it Camp Rucker. The post was named in honor of Colonel Edmund W. Rucker, a Civil War Confederate officer, who was given the honorary title of “General,” and who became an industrial leader in Birmingham after the war.  The name was changed to “Fort Rucker” in October 1955.


The post is the primary flight training base for Army Aviation and is home to the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE) and the United States Army Aviation Museum.


Training, doctrine, and testing are all key parts of the Army Aviation Center’s mission to develop Army Aviation’s capabilities. All Army Aviation training has been undertaken at Fort Rucker since 1973, as well as training of US Air Force and ally helicopter pilots and air crew. The Center is home to the US Army Aviation Technical Test Center (ATTC), which conducts developmental aircraft testing for Army Aviation. The United States Army Operational Test and Evaluation Command’s Test and Evaluation Coordination Office and TH-67 primary and instrument training are both located at Cairns Army Airfield.


Operational units on the post include the 1st Aviation Brigade and the 110th Aviation Brigade handling Army Aviation training, and the USAF 23d Flying Training Squadron for the training of Air Force helicopter pilots and air crew.

Arriving at Fort Rucker
Entry to the post is through three main gates: the Ozark Gate from the east, the Daleville Gate from the south and the Enterprise Gate from the west.  In processing signs posted at each of the main entrances to Fort Rucker point permanent party Soldiers to the Soldier Service Center, Bldg. 5700 to formally in process.
The Cribbins Soldier Service Center, located on Novosel Street between Andrews Avenue and 5th Avenue, is a one-stop venue for all military and civilian personnel services.


Student Soldiers will receive in processing instructions upon reporting to the student company as indicated on their orders.

Base Population
There are about 5,100 service members, 6,400 civilian and contract employees, and 3,200 military family members assigned to Fort Rucker Army Base.