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Rock Island Arsenal Army Base

Joint Munitions Command, Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, United States Army Sustainment Command, First United States Army
1 Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL 61299

Rock Island Arsenal

Rock Island Arsenal is a U.S. Army facility located in Rock Island County on a 946-acre island in the Mississippi River, between Davenport, Iowa and Rock Island, Illinois in an area known as the Quad Cities. Today, Rock Island Arsenal is the nation’s largest government owned and operated arsenal.  Rock Island Arsenal Garrison serves all branches of service, including the National Guard and Army Reserve Troops.  It is primarily a civilian installation that produces different types of military equipment including aircraft, vehicles, guns and artillery pieces.

Arriving at Rock Island Arsenal

Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois is 7 miles away from Rock Island Arsenal.  Rental cars, cab services, and hotel shuttles are available at the airport.


Directions to Rock Island Arsenal:

  • Follow the airport signs that take you out of the airport.
  • You will come to a stop light, facing north. This is the Route 150 and Interstate 74 intersection. Proceed straight ahead, going north on Interstate 74.
  • Take the 7th Avenue exit. (The last Illinois exit).  When approaching the stoplight at the bottom of the ramp, turn left on 7th Avenue.
  • Follow 7th Avenue to 14th Street, then turn right on 14th Street. This will lead you to RIA’s entrance ramp.
  • From the ramp/bridge, either turn right just before the gate to get a visitor’s pass at Building 23, or present your government ID to the guard at the gate.
  • Once on the Arsenal, proceed on Rodman Avenue past the cemeteries (on the left) and military housing (on the right). Office buildings start at East Avenue.  Visitor parking is available throughout the Island.

Rock Island Arsenal is located on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River. The main gate is located in Moline, Illinois.  Your sponsor will provide directions to your unit.  Army Community Service can assist with an installation Map and directions to your unit facilities. Call ACS at 309-782-0829 for more information.


Soldiers need to report to their servicing unit upon the first duty day after arriving at the installation.  Your duty office may have additional in-processing requirements.


During Duty Hours: Army Sustainment Command, HH Cor DMC, Joint Munitions Command (JMC), or Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center (JMTC) assignees should report to the ASC HHC Orderly Room in Bldg 390, Basement, SW wing.


After Duty Hours: No CQ/Orderly Room is available, so report on the next duty day.


First Army personnel:


Upon arrival at RIA, report directly to Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD), BLDG 68, 2932 Rodman Avenue, to begin initial unit in-processing. Orderly Room hours of operations are 0900-1700, Monday-Friday.  Call 309- 782-9227 for more information. If you arrive after duty hours, on a weekend or holiday, please report to HHD at 0900 on the next duty day.




All employees who have relocated from another government installation to the Rock Island Arsenal should meet with their servicing Civilian Personnel representative in the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center located in Building 104, 1st Floor. Civilian personnel reporting for their in-processing brief should come to Bldg 104, 1st floor, West, Conference room.

Base Population

There are over 9,000 Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, military families, DoD personnel, and retirees assigned to Rock Island Arsenal.