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Radford Army Ammunition Plant

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114 Peppers Ferry Road, Radford, Virginia

Radford Ammunition Plant

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP) is a government-owned, contractor-operated facility located in Montgomery and Pulaski Counties in southwest Virginia. The plant is approximately 30 miles from Roanoke, Virginia. It consists of two separate facilities; the Radford manufacturing unit and the New River Storage unit.  The main plant is the Radford manufacturing unit spans across 4,080 acres and is located between the towns of Radford and Blacksburg. The New River Storage Unit spans across 2,821 acres and is located near the town of Dublin, approximately 12 miles from the main plant.


The primary mission of the Redford Army Ammunition Plant is to provide and store energetics, munitions and propellants for the United States Army. The plant produces munitions and propellants for individual soldiers weapons system, tank, field artillery, air defense, missile and Navy weapons systems.


The Radford Army Ammunition Plant and New River Storage Unit together consist of 1,038 buildings with a total storage capacity of 657,003 square feet. The facility has 214 reinforced igloos for storage of live munitions and their components.

Arriving at RFAAP
The closest airport is Roanoake Regional Airport located 44 miles from base.

Base Population
Radford Army Ammunition Plant has a government staff made up of Department of Army civilians and Soldiers and the remaining staff is made up of contract employees.