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Pohakuloa Training Area

U.S. Army Pacific, 25th Infantry Division
Bldg. 93, POB 4607, Saddle Road, Hilo, HI 96720

Pohakuloa Training Area

Pohakuloa Training Area is located on Hawaii’s Big Island and spans across 133,000 acres including an 80-acre cantonment area with a fuel yard, fire and police departments and an airfield with a 3,700-foot runway.  The mission of PTA is to provide a quality joint/combined arms facility that provides logistics, public works, airfield support, and environmental and cultural stewardship in support of the USARPAC training strategy while maintaining an enduring partnership with the local Hawaiian community. 


In addition to being a prime training area for military forces in the Pacific region, PTA is a vanguard of environmental and cultural protection. PTA Natural and Cultural Resources staff include more than 50 professionals dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered and threatened plants and safeguarding cultural resources at PTA.


Today, PTA stands as the premier military training area in the Pacific region. Units from all U.S. military services, as well as allied militaries, train at PTA, because it offers realistic training opportunities not found elsewhere. With several new construction projects underway, PTA stands ready to support military training well into the future.


The PTA command team and staff embody the IMCOM motto: “Sustain, Support, and Defend.”

Arriving at Pohakuloa Training Area

At the Honolulu International Airport, sign in at the Replacement Detachment Liaison desk that is located between baggage claims F and G. If you do not sign in you could experience difficulties and delays during your in-processing.


Soldiers are authorized to report in civilian clothes; however, you must be clean-shaven, and in accordance with AR 670-1 (i.e., no piercing, etc.) Soldiers should bring all initial issue uniforms and hand-carry all-important documents (i.e., orders, leave form, marriage certificates, and prescriptions).


Personnel assigned to 25th Infantry Division, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, USAG-HI, 130th Engineers, 8th Military Police, 45th STB, 500th MI, 205th MI, 715th MI will in-process at Schofield Barracks through Replacement Detachment. All other personnel assigned to USARPAC, 8TSC HQ, will in-process at Fort Shafter.


Upon arrival at the Honolulu National Airport you will need to collect your bags and go directly to the USO located in the baggage claim area. There you will find information on how to contact the Staff Duty NCO and/or the Sponsorship Coordinator. The Staff Duty may be reached at 808- 433-6661/6662. If it is during the duty hours of 8:00 a.m and 3:30 p.m., you will need to contact the Sponsorship Coordinator at Troop Command Headquarters at 808-433-9160/9187. He or she will get a hold of your sponsor or quickly assign one for you and send them out your way to get you started.


PACOM, Camp Smith personnel contact Army J1 Manpower, 808-477-9139.

Base Population

Pohakuloa Training Area can support up to 2,300 military personnel.