Army Star

Camp Parks Army Base

1st Brigade of the 91st Division
Building 620, 6th Street, Camp Parks, CA 94568

Camp Parks

Camp Parks, also known as  Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA), is a United States Army facility located in Dublin, California that is currently a semi-active mobilization and training center for U.S. Army Reserve personnel to be used in case of war or natural disaster. Camp Parks has a primary mission of exercising the functions of command, training, security, administration, servicing and supply to all troop units, military activities and other governmental agencies assigned or attached.


New and state-of-the-art training facilities were constructed with more planned for the future. In the garrison area are administrative and classroom buildings, upgraded housing, a remodeled dining facility, a modern lodging facility, an informative history center, and other support and training.  Reserve Units permanently stationed at Parks RFTA conduct weekend inactive duty training throughout the year, and Reserve Component units travel to the base for their two-week annual training.

Arriving at Camp Parks

Camp Parks is approximately 21 miles away from Oakland International Airport.


Directions from Oakland International Airport:

  • Proceed toward the airport exit on Airport Drive, then continue on 98th Ave. 
  • Turn right onto I-880 SOUTH toward San Jose, then take Exit #31 on I-238 toward Fresno/Stockton
  • Merge onto I-580 EAST, then take the Hopyard Road/Dougherty Road exit toward Dougherty Road.
  • Turn left on Dougherty Road, then turn right on Dublin Blvd. 
  • Follow the signs to Camp Parks and turn left into Camp Parks Main Entrance.

Base Population
There are over 20,000 Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard, military families, DoD personnel, and retirees assigned to Camp Parks.