Army Star

Camp San Luis Obispo Army Base

40th Infantry Division
10 Sonoma Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Camp San Luis Obispo

Camp San Luis Obispo is a United States Army instillation located in San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California and spans across 15,433 acres. State Route 1 passes through Camp about halfway between the cities of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo. At one time, Camp San Luis Obispo served as an Infantry Division Camp and Cantonment Area for the US Army during the second World War. Today, it’s still maintained and includes a heliport, warehouse complex, workshops, maintenance facilities, administrative buildings, chapels, two service clubs, two theaters, laundry and post exchange. The history of Camp San Luis Obispo is closely tied to Camp Merriam and the Baywood Park Training Area. While most of the training facilities in California have been closed or greatly minimized, Camp San Luis Obispo continues to be a high quality training camp with field and garrison facilities. The camp continues to provide operational, logistical support and training to all kinds of civilian and military agencies at the local, state and federal areas.

Arriving at Camp San Luis Obispo

All units must check-in with Post Operations, Bldg. 738, before proceeding to Post Logistics or Range Control.


Post Operations will give the unit representative a CSLO Form 353 (In/Out Processing Clearance Record). This form must be presented to Post Logistics and/or Range Control before assistance will be given.


The CSLO Form 353 must be cleared and signed off by Post Logistics and/or Range Control prior to clearing Post Operations.

Post Operations Phone: (805) 594-6510

Base Population
There are over 3,500 Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, military family members, DoD personnel, and retirees stationed at Camp San Luis Obispo.